Print the first princes of Yaroslavl found

PrincesArchaeologists conducting excavations in the territory of the Yaroslavl Kremlin discovered print of Prince Vsevolod Konstantinovich (1218-1238).
The prince’s seal is a small dump, which is attached to the document. On one side an image of St. John (the patron saint of Prince), on the other – St. Constantine (the patron of his father).
As noted by Makarov, print – a relatively rare find in the north-eastern Russia, in contrast to, for example, from Novgorod. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that “the institution proper paperwork to the north-east was not too developed”: the princes are usually ruled their appanages directly and did not require extensive document management. Continue reading “Print the first princes of Yaroslavl found”

Aliens neutralize nuclear missiles the U.S. and UK

AliensWith these revelations were made by six retired officers and a former draftee. One of the whistleblowers, a retired Captain Robert Salas, said: “We are talking about unidentified flying objects, known as UFOs.”
Salas for the first time witnessed the suspicious events March 16, 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. “I was on duty when an unidentified object flew in and hovered just above the base. Rockets off – 10 (nuclear) missiles Minuteman.
The same thing happened in another place a week later. These objects, wherever they were, a strong interest in our missiles. I personally think that they are not from planet Earth “- he said. Continue reading “Aliens neutralize nuclear missiles the U.S. and UK”

The third prophecy of Fatima Virgin

LuciaCatholic Church published in 2000 of the so-called third prophecy of the Virgin Mary, received their three children near the Portuguese town of Fatima in October 1917. But many experts doubt authenticity of the text published by the Vatican.
Everything began May 13, 1917 in the village of Cova de Irian near Fatima, where the two girls, Jacinto and Lucia, and the boy Francisco, put out to pasture a flock of sheep, in the glow of bright light was the Mother of God. “Under an oak tree, we saw the most beautiful woman, has ever seen,” wrote Lucia later. Virgin was wearing a long white dress and looked like a very young girl. In her hands she held a pearl rosary and a chain with a cross.
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United Nation ready to meet aliens

AliensUN should designate a first contact with aliens. As a negotiator between the earthlings and humanoids will make a woman – Director of the UN Outer Space Affairs, the first astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, Malaysia.
Lucky that first come to flying saucer landing and will give a hand of friendship to the strangers, was elected over the weekend. In connection with the new appointment Othman will speak at a conference on space exploration, to be held next week in Buckinghamshire (England).
All collected by scientists will attempt to explain its potential role and told delegates that recent studies indicate the possibility of space Earthlings meeting with visitors from distant galaxies.
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Mountains rise because glaciers

mountainsIrregularity and roughness of the mountain peaks, most scientists attribute the action of glaciers. Always been assumed that the ice, advancing and retreating, and destroys the surface, causing erosion of rocks and cuts off the top. Looks like Dr. Stuart Thomson (Stuart N. Thomson), University of Arizona and his colleagues at Yale University, the University of Chile and University of Illinois failed to disprove the conventional wisdom. Scientists studied the features of rocks in the mountain Terra Del Fuego in the southernmost Andes and concluded that at this point be frozen in ice in rocks, bonding them and not allowing to develop erosion. Continue reading “Mountains rise because glaciers”

Bones of the dinosaur record length

Paleontologists have discovered in Spain fossilized thighbone of dinosaur, whose length is 1.92 meters. Nothing of the kind in Europe not previously dug.
Employees of the Research Institute Demopolis Foundation said that the bone was found in eastern Spain, near the town of Radovan in the province of Terrell. There also has been found tibia length of 1.25 meters and fifteen vertebrae. Presumably, the remains belong to giant long-necked dinosaur Treasures Riodevensis (group zauropodov), which weighed over 40 tons. The length of its trunk reached 30 feet.
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The solar system through the eyes of aliens

aliensNASA astrophysicists have looked at the solar system through the eyes of aliens billions of years ago. They also found another way to understand about what the stars might be relatively small planet. Recall that since the mid 1990’s, astronomers have discovered more than four hundred planetary systems that are next to other stars, KZ.
“Planets are too dim to observe them directly.
However, aliens are watching the solar system, could easily determine the presence of Neptune, for example, a hole that its gravity sweeps the dust “- a conclusion reached by Mark Kushner, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Center and rukovodstel study. Continue reading “The solar system through the eyes of aliens”

Elbrus mountain air

airI would like to say a few words about the mountain air of Elbrus. In the mountains the air is transparent and crystal-like as if weightless. Absolutely not feel the pressure of the atmosphere and not feel tired. One gets the impression that you’ve become a lot easier on the pounds. Fly, soar, both uphill and with the mountains and does not get tired. The same impression is created after the walk at the yacht Kiev . Soul sings, the sea shining shimmers with the sky and fills the soul with happiness. Continue reading “Elbrus mountain air”

Aliens are Christians

Guy Konsolmadzho working at the Vatican Observatory, announced the existence of other intelligent civilizations.
Papal astronomer Guy Konsolmadzho (Pope `s Astronomer, Guy Consolmagno) made a report on the British Festival of Science (British Science Festival). And stated that believes in aliens. Like this, the thought of them does not bother him.

– I’ll be very happy if we find life in the universe, – he said – I will be very happy if we find intelligent life. Continue reading “Aliens are Christians”

Mystical history – Secrets of a love spell.

loveLove Potion – a means to make love passionately, to bind by a conspiracy ..
There are plenty of ways to sooblazneniya by which any person, whether male or female, may cause sympathy pleasing object. How the scandal and whether he could resist? Is it possible to learn technologies sooblazneniya?
This story could be called absolutely mystical, if it had not occurred in reality.
In the middle of summer, the girl was lucky she was able to get to a unique exhibition, “The show flavor, where exhibited his fragrances smell great master Michel Roudnitska. Continue reading “Mystical history – Secrets of a love spell.”