Where to look for occult archives of Stalin?

24 Aug

archives,StalinRecently increased interest in the occult secrets of the secret services. After all, according to numerous reports, in 20-30-ies in the service of state security create entire departments to deal with finding signs of extraterrestrial civilizations and ancient cultures. One of the people leading an active research in this area was Alexander Barchenko.
Officially Barchenko staff of the Scientific and Technical Branch of the Supreme Economic Council, which was led by Dzerzhinsky.
But in fact he gave employees Lubyanka lectures on the occult and was doing research in this area, organized the expedition in the observation zone of anomalous phenomena. People also had guided him there, interested in practical issues – in particular, the impact of abnormal radiation characteristic of sacred areas, per person.
In 1921, allegedly on orders from the Institute for the study of the brain, Barchenko went on the Kola Peninsula – in search of the legendary Hyperborea. He was convinced that Hyperboreans is a fairly advanced civilization – it was known the secret of atomic energy, they were able to build aircraft and manage … For information about the researcher drew from Masonic literature available to him. He also believed that carriers of the ancient knowledge of Hyperborea are Sami shamans who lived on the Kola Peninsula.
In 1922, the expedition found in the forest near the famous pyramids Seidozero …! Sami, who used these facilities for ritual purposes, was told that they were built long ago, long ago … According to the scientist, all this could serve as evidence of the existence of Hyperborea.
In 1926, the expedition took place in Crimea Barchenko to find remnants of dead civilizations. And in 1928 a scientist visited the Altai. During expeditions of the participants had the opportunity to witness the many anomalies, in particular, a UFO.
Alexander Barchenko also wanted to find the Heritage Center of prehistoric cultures, which, he believed, were located on the territory of Tibet and Afghanistan – the question is, first of all, mysterious, and Shambhala … But the great leaders of secret services believed that the scientist not suited to the role of scout. The country needs are people able to come into contact with “alien element”, dig him the necessary information and conduct subversive activities … In the long term it would contribute to development of the eastern frontiers, expanding the borders of the Soviet Union.
Originally Barchenko still had to go to Tibet at the head of the expedition. Its tasks included, among other things, to convey lamas offer of cooperation with the Soviet authorities. But the company collapsed. Part of the reason for this was the failure of officers of the KGB Blyumkin Jacob, disguised as lamas who crossed the border of Mongolia and tried to join the expedition of Nicholas Roerich, is searching for Shambhala. In addition, from a secret department Bokiya, where he worked Barchenko, leaked about the forthcoming expedition. On what they do in the department, it became known German intelligence service…
Obviously, fearing it leaks, the authorities decided to remove the “occult”. Jacob Blumkin was arrested and executed in 1929 for liaison with the Trotskyites. Barchenko, despite the fact that, according to rumors, had a talent for hypnotism and telekinesis, also could not escape retribution, and in May 1937 he was arrested by the NKVD, together with his chief of special department Gleb Bokiem. It turned out that they are both from the time of the revolution headed by the Masonic organization called the unified labor Brotherhood! But who can guarantee that this information has given rise to the formal charges true?
When arrested, the scientist removed all the papers and manuscripts, including a unique work of “Introduction to the methodology of experimental influences energy field. During the investigation, which lasted about a year, Barchenko forced to explain in written testimony of all the details of his discoveries. April 25, 1938, a quarter of an hour later, after being sentenced to death, he was shot … It is a strange way disappeared from the archives. The same fate befell Bokiya Hleb, who was arrested in May 1937 by Stalin’s orders, “occult” special department eliminated by destroying all materials.
We can only assume that they contain. Also, it is impossible today to get an answer to the question: what dangerous secrets opened Barchenko Alexander and his associates? The truth buried in the secret archives, which are now either destroyed or safely hidden from prying eyes …

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