What is Kasli anomaly?

Kasli, anomalyThe study of “community” began with an address by a resident of Yekaterinburg with the request to understand the incomprehensible satellite photographs, found on the pages of google.com. Outlandish form of plantations searchers RO Ural Kosmopoisk “interested, because with anything like anyone previously did not have to face. It was decided to organize a trip to the facility, and August 7, 2010 the band embarked on a journey. As a result of attacks the group managed to implement targets set, as well as detect the material evidence on the use of versions of studied objects in the activities of man.
Trees in one of the circles
At the stage of information processing perfected a variety of versions, including the most fantastic, for example, that the “circles” – are the remnants of a fort, or traces of UFO landings …
But in the process of information gathering versions became more prosaic. As a result, the basic version has the origin of “community” is not without military involvement. From a member of the Chelyabinsk-Kosmopoisk “Andrew Lyubushkina on the phone a representative of radium” (Kasli Radio works), who gave information about that at the location of the community once existed on the ground testing of radio engineering. According to him, the circles were created specially for the movement of trucks, converted by testing radio equipment. In Kung trucks were radios, which with Kasli Radiozavod signal are sent. Researchers have empirically tested the radio equipment, and possibly involved in the calibration devices.
This version was confirmed in a survey of one of the community through a metal detector – at a depth of 35 centimeters was found old-fashioned cable. Where and how the cable was laid – unknown, but it can be assumed that the cable stretched across the entire range to a certain center (find the center failed). Cable type and periods of operation is now being investigated. More research will be available from the report, which must be published on the official site of the Ural-Kosmopoisk.

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