The unique magic of Lake Naroch

Lake, NarochNaroch – one of the most popular climatic and spa resorts in Belarus. The best vacation in Belarus – is here. Mother Nature had intended this picturesque place to become a resort area with high attendance. It is here, around the coast of Lake Naroch comfortably settled with a dozen health centers, health centers, tourist attractions, visitors who are simply resting or receive effective treatment and a maximum recovery through pleasant procedures.Lake Naroch – truly considered a “pearl” of Belarus, one of the largest lakes in the country. Its surface area is 85 square kilometers, the length of the coastline – 42 km, from south-east to north-west of the lake fell by 15 km., The width of its smooth surface in most of the space – 12 km. Deep Naroch up to 25 m. This is a wonder of nature in Belarus.
Its geographical location, the characterization of the coastal landscape, lake water properties Naroch can be attributed to unique body of water. Moreover, this miracle of the lake is critical biotechnological-recreational value.
If you consider this place as a place to rest in Belarus – it is unique. Lake is full of rich natural minerals and trace elements. The air here is clean and fresh, and the water is crystal clear. What more needs to organize a proper rest and treatment and preventive procedures.
In the hottest summer days, cool and gentle breeze from the lake cools the waves all around. During the summer the average air temperature – 20-25 degrees above zero Celsius, winter weather is quite mild, the average temperature in January – 8 degrees Celsius. Number of hours of sunshine for the annual period – 1750, the relative humidity in an average year is 70%. Without exception, the company made in the industrial area far beyond the territory of the resort area. Rest in Byelorussia is inseparable from Lake Naroch. Motels Belarus in the area of the lake Naroch it as a whole.
Resort area of Lake Naroch located in areas with the widest distribution of mineral waters, which on chemical analysis were attributed to the types of chloride-sulfate – sodium.
In lakes, located in the vicinity of the lake Naroch discovered huge reserves in the therapeutic sapropel muds of concentration.
Pine forests make your stay in Belarus, unique and unforgettable, it is known that these forests – it’s a wonderful laboratory of crystal-clear air.
A sandy beach and numerous shoals, a huge mirror water surface, many natural sources of mineral water – all these favorable conditions for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders, cardio – vascular diseases, diseases of the central nervous and skeletal systems.
Spa treatment consists of more than 82 different types of treatments: diet therapy, climatotherapy, treatment of mineral water in the pump room, physiotherapy (APT), herbal medicine, hyperthermia therapy, aromatherapy, massage, baths with lots of baths and treatment rooms showers, underwater shower massage, mud therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, infrared saunas and much more.
Medical offices and classrooms are equipped with modern diagnostic spa equipment. A variety of programs: “Antikurenie”, “ideal figure” and “Treatment of menopausal syndrome in women”, etc.
This allows not combine the rest in Belarus with effective treatment and recovery process that enables you to significantly modify your health.

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