The Prehistoric rhinoceros

21 Aug

 rhinocerosA French expedition engaged in research in the heart of Balochistan – the area on the border between Pakistan and Iran. Aim – to find the bones beludzhiteriya, the largest mammal of all time
This hornless rhinoceros, who lived 30 million years ago, reached a height of five feet at the shoulder, and nine meters in length and weighed 20 tons, which is four times more elephants.
Expedition was organized by the University of Montpellier, Paris Museum of Natural History and the University of Baluchistan in Quetta.
Scientists are searching for the bones of prehistoric monsters in a quarry near the town Draughty. In the last expedition (1999) found a few bones of this animal, based on excavations of a documentary film “Giant of the lost valley”.
The publishing house Flam Marion book “In the footsteps of giants (Sur les pistes du geant). It is written “four hands” paleontologist Jean-Loup Velkommom and writer Eric Puandronom.
Last humorously notes incredible tenacity, which had to demonstrate a rocket scientist to almost single-handedly find a trace of the missing giant. The remains of a giant herbivorous found in Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.
But no one has yet dared to go looking for him there, where animal bones were first found – in Baluchistan. Today this region is insecure and hostile to the Europeans…
In beludzhiteriya, scientists have found here the remains of other mammals – the Prehistoric rodents, pigs and hippos, as well as different primates. They hope to find other little-known monuments of geological era – Oligocene (33-23 million years ago).

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