The mystery of the third door of the pyramid of Cheops

24 Aug

pyramid, CheopsThe Great Egyptian Pyramid Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), Giza still keeps its secrets. Each of the previous expeditions that tried to unlock the secrets of building which has more than 4500 years, encountered the unknown obstacles. Finding one unknown until the door, investigators immediately bumped into another, and beyond it, as it turns out, was hidden another. Miniature robots are designed to penetrate the tiny holes, proved unwieldy Gulliver. All hope for the new generation robot that can perform its task. However, the wonders of modern technology confront a far more powerful force.

In 1993, German engineer Rudolf Ganten brink found at the top of the southern shaft, which leads from the burial chamber of Queen in the direction of the outer walls of the pyramid, a secret door. Recall the so-called ventilation shafts are to the north and south of the burial chambers of the Great Pyramid. They have an almost square section in section (23h22 cm). September 17, 2002 with the help of a robot “Upuat IIĀ» researchers managed to penetrate further into the interior of buildings. It turned out that behind that door, at a slight distance from it, is … another door. After the opening of another (the third) door in the northern mine pause. Archaeologists have had no opportunity to get in narrow openings. While engineers from the British University of Leeds have not developed a suitable robot Djedi.
The current unit is named for the magician, magician, fortune teller and astronomer Jedi. Legends claim that he predicted the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, then his son Hafra (Chephren), Menkaure (Menkaure), his son and grandson Hafra Khufu, and that only then will rise to the Egyptian throne, the son of a priestess Radzhedet. Before him, such long-term predictions nobody did.
The robot is equipped with Djedi camera on a flexible manipulator, compass, inclinometer to determine the direction and angle of corridors, ultrasonic device to determine the thickness of the masonry. On board is a tiny helper – an autonomous robot that is able to penetrate into the hole with a diameter of 20 millimeters. Do the robot is a miniature drill, which can be used to drill a second door, without causing her serious injuries.
Egypt continues to be admired by tourists. Professional Egyptologist often brings disappointment. Many of their attempts to bump up against an insurmountable wall. Not in the literal sense of the stone layer, which will help avoid all sorts of technical novelties, but the human factor?
Any significant in Egyptology project depends on a single person – Director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass – “Modern Pharaoh,” as he called foreign scholars. His opinion is perceived in Egypt as an immutable law, but from his sentence depends entirely on the success or failure of archaeological expeditions. But he kept the keys of all the historic sites. He may refuse to conduct research, or at any time request termination of archaeological work. Very few foreign archaeologists have dared contradict such an influential person in Egyptology. Every self-respecting archaeologist would like to engage in excavations, and not get them a veto.
When the country of the Pharaohs came to a German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink, application in Archaeology prototype robot, developed for the petroleum industry, worldwide sensation did not happen. Engineer, he was literate, but a complete amateur in Egyptology and Archaeology. He planned a press conference after a series of delays, did not take place. However, the failure stalks in Egypt is not only clever engineers and professionals from the venerable science.
It has long been observed that the major discoveries in the country of pyramids are made solely by one person. As soon somewhere here Archaeologists stumble on something more or less significant, as there arises the figure of the autocrat of Dr. Hawass, who instantly takes control of the excavation.
Probably the British “feature” too not in the thick of the Great Pyramid, and the networks of Dr. Havasu. While “modern pharaoh” is not vouchsafed to arm technology, hi-tech and did not make another fundamental scientific discovery, and which will shake the scientific world!

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