The average temperature of Earth and Ocean has broken all records

 temperature, EarthThe average temperature of the atmosphere and oceans of the Earth in the first half of this year was the highest for the entire observation period. About this informed experts of the Institute for Space Studies NASA?

According to climatologist Ralph Pomeranians, these temperature data are evidence that the planet continues to heat up. Absolute figures show that the Earth’s climate is moving in an unknown direction, which is reflected in a massive retreat of Arctic ice.
The high temperature of the planet affects the area of ice in the Arctic, which was in June, the lowest since 1979 in the history of satellite observations, and continues to shrink rapidly, reported in July, experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (NOAA).

Thus, the North Pole by mid-century may be the summer completely free of ice. Previously, scientists have predicted that it will happen by the end of this century.

Abnormal heat has also been recorded in the U.S… The temperature reached 40 degrees centigrade. Power Systems do not handle the load of air conditioning. As a result, the strongest stress, several tens of thousands of homes in the eastern U.S. were without electricity. Recently, Washington has remained without electricity as a result of clashes over the region of warm and cold fronts.

At least 175 people died as a result of abnormally cold weather, established in several countries in South America.

China – large water. Killed 111 people, according to recent data.

In Argentina, 16 people froze to death, and another 11 were poisoned by carbon monoxide, trying to warm up with defective furnaces. 18 people died of cold in Bolivia, nine – in the south of Brazil, five – in Paraguay, and two in Chile and Uruguay.

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