Spit shining of the Sun

28 Aug

Spit, shiningNASA experts have warned that the 24 August to our planet Earth whisk “spit” of the sun. On 21 August, Sun had a tremendous coronary emission sources which have patches that are turned towards the Earth.
They say that in November will be insanely cold and the snow falls to the waist, especially in St-Petersburg latitudes. The celebration of the first snow and New Year just around the corner. Urged:
Official concert agent. Event New Year. Prices Pop stars.
From the words of experts – to our planet fly billions of charged plasma particles. Approaching these particles with a sufficiently low rate of cosmic scale – 2 million miles per hour.
People such emissions certainly do not threaten, but the problem with electricity can occur. There could be short-circuit and problems with mobile phones. Internet can also suffer, of course not all. Burn all the same technique on the planet can only event aimed striking the plasma, which scientists believe is possible. So we only lightly touches sunstroke.
People with high meteosensitivity will be tight. Magnetic storms can affect the deterioration of their health, well and healthy people will give nature an opportunity to see the northern lights in the skies over St. Petersburg. So Retrogrades, if the sky you will not get cloudy, it stands out. Northern lights in your latitude are rare.

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