A Trojan asteroid, following the Neptune

According to the researchers, on Thursday was a Trojan asteroid, the next beyond Neptune in its orbit around the sun. Trojan asteroid 62 kilometers in diameter, called 2008LC18, was discovered when astronomers tried to consider whether the so-called asteroids around the Lagrange point L5 around Neptune. Trojan asteroids – asteroids caught in the “dead zone”,… Read more A Trojan asteroid, following the Neptune

Where to look for occult archives of Stalin?

Recently increased interest in the occult secrets of the secret services. After all, according to numerous reports, in 20-30-ies in the service of state security create entire departments to deal with finding signs of extraterrestrial civilizations and ancient cultures. One of the people leading an active research in this area was Alexander Barchenko. Officially Barchenko… Read more Where to look for occult archives of Stalin?

The mystery of the third door of the pyramid of Cheops

The Great Egyptian Pyramid Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), Giza still keeps its secrets. Each of the previous expeditions that tried to unlock the secrets of building which has more than 4500 years, encountered the unknown obstacles. Finding one unknown until the door, investigators immediately bumped into another, and beyond it, as it turns out, was hidden… Read more The mystery of the third door of the pyramid of Cheops

GOLD closed with bricks

During the restoration of the altar of the Orthodox Church in the town Serge discovered the treasure. As the editor of the newspaper Nizhneserginsky parish Anatoly Ponomarev, when construction workers uncovered the floor and began to dismantle the foundation, at the junction of brick and stone foundation, they found nearly 180 coins minted in the… Read more GOLD closed with bricks

How old Homo sapiens?

The most ancient and, fortunately, most whole skull immediate ancestors of Homo sapiens, scientists have discovered during excavations in Ethiopia. Age finds, according to preliminary estimates, is 160,000 years. Skulls of adult male and child, as well as the remains of the skull of another adult male were found in the Ethiopian village Hurt (225… Read more How old Homo sapiens?