Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

intelligenceOne of the leading astronomers of the program Seti said that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence must take into account the version of the existence of “intelligent machines”.
Program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known by its acronym Seti, still expected to receive a signal from the biological beings from a planet similar to Earth. Worked in the project Dr. Seth Shostak believes that the probability of detecting alien artificial intelligence is higher than the chance to meet the biological life form.
Scientists involved in Seti, have long been pondering the fact that the problem of the origin of life could be solved in different ways and using different materials. In this regard, the aliens can not only look different, but on a biological level to operate a completely different way than men.

Nevertheless, Seti is still working on the assumption that the aliens – the living organisms in a clear sense of the people.
Thus, the search for living forms, which would be obeyed, at least some of the rules of biochemistry, lived for a limited time, produce offspring and, most importantly, have evolved.
In biological forms do not have time
In an article in Acta Astronautic Dr. Seth Shostak drew attention to the evolutionary aspects. To ensure that biological organisms were able to go beyond their own planet, a very long time. The technology can be developed quickly enough to eclipse the beings who created it.
“Look at the timeline of technology development. At some point you have invented the radio, then went on the air, and only then we have a chance to find you, – says the scientist. – But for several centuries from the invention of radio – so, at least, was in our case – you have invented a thinking machine. Maybe we’ll do it in this century. ”
“That way you invent their successors, and only a few centuries, you actually represent a” biological “reason”, – concludes the scientist.
John Elliott of Leeds Metropolitan University, one of the oldest participants in the program Seti, believes that Dr. Shostak expresses the opinion that is not exactly unusual for scientists involved in the project.
“By keeping search for extraterrestrial signals in the past 50 years, the Seti program realized that the path of development of our proprietary technology may be a good indicator of how to develop other civilizations – if they exist,” – said Dr. John Elliott. In his view, the purpose of their research is changing and evolving.
Both scientists agree that the detection and decoding of signals from extraterrestrial intelligent machines can be much more laborious task than to work with messages from biological life forms. But the idea to offer new directions for development.
Do not they look
Dr. Seth Shostak suggests that the artificial extraterrestrial life must migrate to places, especially rich energy resources – because the only thing that may be interested in cars. In this regard, he proposes to focus on Seti hot, young stars and the central regions of galaxies, the BBC.
“I think we can spend a few percent of our time studying areas that are unlikely to have been the most attractive for biological life forms, but where there may be endowed with consciousness of cars”, – said the scientist.

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