History of Death Valley in Yakutia

Death, ValleyDeath Valley – a strange terrain in the area of the river Vilyui, where according to legend, in the land of hidden strange metal objects that represent a danger to all living things. Yakut sidestep this remote area. Rare eye-witnesses say that there are out there serving out of the land flattened arch under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most severe cold in the summer heat. In ancient times, were among the local hunters brave souls that were sleeping in the premises. But then they began to hurt badly, but someone who spent the night several times, died.
Another object – smooth metal hemisphere of the red color with a straight edge (cut nails). It speaks of the permafrost so that it can vehat riding on a reindeer. In the last century, the famous explorer Viljui R. Mauck, wrote in his diary: “On the bank of the river” Algy timirnit “which means” big cauldron sank “, really is a giant pot of copper. Its value is unknown, because over the earth is only visible to the edge, but it is growing some trees … ”

Modern researchers from the town of Mirny Guten A. and W. Michael met with the old nomad who, having visited the “Valley of Death”, telling them of a metallic hole in which lie “It’s awful thin, black-eyed people in clothes iron.
Another witness, who visited the “Valley of Death” (Michael P. Koretsky from Vladivostok), reported to the commission “Phenomenon” in the newspaper “Trud”: “I have been there thrice. For the first time in 1933 when I was still 10 years old – and his father went to work. Then in 1939 – already without a father. And the last time in 1949 a group of young boys. “Death Valley” stretches along the right tributary of the river Viluy. In essence – this is a whole chain of valleys along the floodplain. All three times I was there with a guide Yakut. We went there not a good life, but from the fact that there in the middle of nowhere could wash the gold, without waiting for the end of the season, robbery and a bullet in the head.
As for the mysterious object, probably a lot of them there, because for three seasons I have seen seven such “boiler”. All they seem to me quite puzzling: first, the size – from six to nine meters in diameter. Secondly made from obscure metal. You wrote that they were made of copper, but I’m sure that it is not copper. The fact that the pocket does not take even a sharpened chisel (tried more than once). Metal does not breaks off and is not forged. On the copper hammer necessarily would have left noticeable dents. And this “copper top is covered with a layer of unknown material resembling emery. But this is not the oxide film and did not scale – it is also not break, nor protsarapat.
Receding into the ground water wells, bathrooms, referred to in the legends, we have not met. But I noted that the vegetation around the “boilers” abnormal – nothing like what grows around them. It is more opulent: large-burdock, very long rod, strange grass, taller than a man in half – twice. In one of the “boiler” We spent the whole group (6 persons). Nothing bad did not feel a thing calmly, without any unpleasant incidents. No one after seriously ill. Is that one of my friends in three months fell completely all the hair. And on my left side of the head (I slept on it), there were three little sore the size of a match head each. His therapy I have their whole life, but they have to segodneshnyago day never passed.
All our attempts to break off at least a piece of strange “boilers” failed. The only thing that I could carry – a stone. But it is not easy – a perfect half sphere diameter of six inches. He was black, had no visible signs of handling, but was very smooth, like otpalirovanny. I picked it up from the ground within one of these boilers. Yakutsk souvenir I brought with me to the village Samarka Chuguyevsky District, where my parents lived in 1933. He was lying idle, while my grandmother had not decided to rebuild the house. Need to insert the glass in the windows, and glass cutter not been around the village. I tried to scratch the edge (edge) halves of the stone balls – it turned out that he cut with surprising beauty and ease. After that my discovery of many times used as a diamond all the relatives and friends. In 1937, I passed a stone grandfather, and his fall arestovalii taken to Magadan where he lived without trial until 1968, and died. Now nobody knows what had happened to the stone … ”
Strange objects in the Yakut “valley of death” raise many questions. Because of this sverhkrepkogo material of these boilers? Who, when and why? It is hard to imagine a practical application of the boiler with a diameter of nine meters … Some ufologists were quick to call Yakut “Valley of Death” – cemetery UFO injured when a massive accident. But he Koretsky believes that this is the work of man. Boilers, though strong, but not unlimited. In his letter to Mikhail Petrovich emphasizes: in 1933 the Yakut conductor told him it was 5-10 years ago, he discovered a number of boiler-balls (they were completely round), which are high (above the person) were out of the ground. They looked like new. And later, the hunter had seen them torn apart and scattered. Koretsky said, after visiting one of the pockets twice, that he had in the past few years have seen sunk in the ground, apparently from the weight – goes these objects have appeared relatively recently.

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