DNA analysis of Hitler shocked scientists

Hitler, shocked, scientistsIt turned out that the Fuhrer was bleeding blood of Jews and blacks, the extermination of which for the head of Nazi Germany was an obsession during the entire period of his reign.
It is worth noting that the main purpose of researchers have studied the DNA dictator was not to determine its roots, and the final determination of the existence of Hitler’s son from a French peasant.
The opening was the result of the investigation, which initiated the German edition Knack journalist Jean-Paul Murders.
In total, with the help of historians, the reporter found the 39 relatives of Hitler, who was beaten DNA samples. So, Murders took a sample of saliva Austrian farmer Norbert H., who is a distant relative of Hitler. In addition, the journalist managed to track down three relatives of German dictator in New York and get a sample of saliva one of them. The investigation is not without its curiosities, worthy of a detective novel – in order to get the DNA from one of the relatives of Hitler Murders had to pick up the napkin, which threw the nephew of Hitler Alexander Stuart-Houston.
The analysis of samples the scientists were able to establish that Hitler had a son, who gave birth to a French peasant during the First World War. As the journalist said, “this relationship is irrefutable. Y-chromosome are absolutely identical. ”
Having in hand the unique materials, the researchers also did not fail the opportunity to explore the origin of the tyrant. As a result, the analysis of Y-chromosome relatives of Hitler has led to sensational interesting results. Scientists have discovered Haplography E1b1b, which practically does not occur in Germany and Western Europe. This haplography originated in Africa and is common among Jews. Also carriers like DNA residing in the territory of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

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