Crimea will soon turn into Atlantis

17 Aug

2050, have long been a favorite by many tourists Crimean coast will be … under the waves of the Black Sea. These projections are vying with each other makes pundits investigating the configuration of climatic conditions, and even astrologers and foreign economists. Because of the terrible disasters on their assumptions, should be global warming and greenhouse gases.

This year, the Philippines, almost the same as the Federation, suffers from the heat wave. Therefore, scientists of the neighboring country were seriously concerned about the problems of global warming and greenhouse gases that destroys the ecosystem of the planet.
Some Ukrainian scientists are hoping that their state of climate change in general will be positive. According to the other – the individual (and most valuable) parts of the country still suffer. In particular, the water can leave the peninsula.

According to a recent press conference in Kiev, the director of the Institute of Hydrometeorology Vladimir Osadchy and Deputy Director of the Institute of Space Research of NASU Natalia Kussul, the failure of the ecosystem and climatic conditions in the first place, feel the mountainous regions – the Crimea and the Carpathians. Southern coast of Crimea will be flooded: sea levels will rise dramatically, and the peninsula would affect the endless rain. Occur this terrible cataclysm must by 2050.

Scientists explained that the tendency to flood entire regions can already be observed not only in Ukraine but also in many other European countries. It is expected that on abrupt climate change could be affected infrastructure in the resort towns. And if the whole apocalypse in sight, we should be prepared to ensure that the Crimea as a resort region, may completely disappear from the tourist maps.

But local leaders of science hard to make long term forecasts. Practice shows that every year in their calculations interfere unforeseen factors. So at the moment there are several versions regarding the possible changes in climate conditions in Ukraine.

For example, one of the assumptions associated with the environmental impact of a large amount of greenhouse gases that are produced by burning fuel. They may make some areas of the country – the desert, while others – flooded bog. In particular, the proponents of this version claim that the Donetsk and Kiev will become a land of eternal drought, and the resort of Crimea, as already mentioned, will go under water.

“Yes, the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in fact considering a scenario of flooding of the Crimea. They even talked about the fact that the peninsula could become an island. But the consensus in the scientific community there. Someone thinks that this could happen 40 years later, someone is sure that it will happen twice as fast. When sea level rises, it will be flooded not only the peninsula, but also other southern regions of Ukraine. The water level will rise not only in the Black Sea, but also in the Azov Sea. The exact time of ecological catastrophe, no one can predict, because it depends on the intensity of human activity – whether the authorities will take measures to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, or vice versa. In addition, as a result of climate change Crimea will suffer from constant rains, flooding may be the entire village.

These terrifying prospects also confirm the famous Ukrainian astrologers. Although they can not be called scientists, but forecasts are sometimes true.

“There will be some island states, some of America’s flood, Japan, an island of Crimea, Europe – an archipelago, England in general” reef “around the” desert island “, – said in a recent interview with the From-UA-spin doctor astrosotsiomatik Igor Lepshina.

American Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD also predicts disasters on the territory of Ukraine. However, reports of foreign experts say that another resort city of Ukraine – Odessa – suffer from floods.

Of course, talking about the possible extent of damage to the Crimean peninsula as a result of global warming or the harmful effects of greenhouse gases until senseless. In any case, before the appointed hour the scientists “X” is another 40 years. If anything, it is possible to have time to find a new place to rest. And during this time for sure much will change, and warming as suddenly can turn cooling.

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