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16 Aug

Anomalies, UdmurtiaFlying objects, poltergeist, voices, inexplicable feelings. On what would be the phenomenon we are speaking for them come from researchers anomalies of Udmurtia. Valeri Kotov team of like-minded “Sphere X” over the past 15 years has studied and tested countless legends and “strange” places. Most of unexplained phenomena found quite logical explanation. However, there are still a few, over which the researcher still puzzles.
“Devil’s swamp” – the tops of birch trees on it as if cut down. Branches from them either.
Valery says that in 17 years he first saw a UFO. Since then, the anomalous phenomena do not give a man of peace. Before finalizing the Samara university, Valery Kotov than once went on an expedition Zhiguli Mountains. They have seen and studied many inexplicable. A few years later he returned to his native Sarapul. And started research work in his native province. And since then, no expedition had not conducted a single summer.
– Someone sees these phenomena, others do not … – explains why he became available miracles Valery Kotov. – Have you noticed how people on the street go? Most looked at his feet, or straight ahead. The larger the city, the person becomes dependent on the rhythm of life.
And just did not notice anything around.
“Loch Ness monster” in the area Sarapulsky
The objects of their research Valery Kotov searches in regional newspapers and in stories of village elders. “Devil’s swamp” he said from the window of train. Some legends have to dispel. For example, the marshes sometimes evaporates gas. And under its influence, some people are beginning to see hallucinations.
The logical explanation is a curved arch and young trees. People often begin to fantasize, being a clearing with “drooping” birch or spruce. But this phenomenon has an explanation. It happens that in the spring on the branches formed a big frost, and the trunks bend to the ground. In fact, to again take a vertical position, sometimes trees take several months. More often people are happy to lend themselves legends. And begin to see what is not really. Do they believe in a fairy tale and domyslivayut it in his imagination.
– We have repeatedly reported that the village Galanovo see some dark creature, – says head of “Fields of X”. – Some have described the shade, while others have seen even a dragon.
Myth of the Udmurt “Loch Ness monster,” the researchers debunked for the day. And then calls of seeing the shadows no longer.
Riddle of the K-16 ”
Valery says that is not trying to convince people of the existence of anomalies. Do not want to become famous or make money on the money.
– I want to understand, where are some phenomena for which science can not yet give an explanation, – says the researcher. – We take samples of water, soil, measure the electromagnetic field, the gas density. We try to observe the abnormal places at different times. And after doing the conclusions put forward conjecture.
A key finding of this year to “Sphere X” has a place in the southern region of the republic. It was called “K-16. Residents of neighboring villages often complained of feeling unwell when approaching him. The trees are felled in the form of the sun’s rays on a children’s drawing. Core trees torn out, but they have remained alive. The river, flowing into the zone area “K-16”, dies.
– Around the field a lot of animal tracks, remnants of the litter, the broken branches. In the very area we have not found a single trace, – says Valery.
Instruments measure the electromagnetic field in the K-16 “going wild. Studies of the new anomalous zone has just begun.
Places where people meet with unexplained phenomena, in Udmurtia very much. Most of the anomalies observed in the southern districts of the republic, near the river Kama. Valeri Kotov told where to find the most salient points.
In the area of K-16 “a lot of living trees, but without a core.
“Devil’s swamp”
Legend: old men say that many years ago there was just a small village. But overnight it was gone. Have been lost every trace of its existence. Relatives of people who lived here a long time to come to the swamp, but none was found.
What you can meet: Local people often hear voices over the marsh. Most female. As they passed, many have unexplained anxiety. Some talked about rising from the earth, glowing balls. It swamp formed in the form of an even triangle. Here there are no birch tops and without branches. In 2006, the expedition of 25 people watched the fog here in the form of the human person and in the form of a snake.
Getting there: Just train. On the left bank of the Kama River from Kambarka or from Tchaikovsky’s going to the station Lower Almyaz. After 6 km walk along the railway towards Tchaikovsky. “Devil’s swamp” is right on the rails.
White Cave
Legend: Formerly on the site of the cave was a copper mine. But he was soon abandoned. During the civil war in the area rioted gang. She robbed the travelers first, then the rich and, in the end, looted the peasants. Local residents were able to catch all the members of the gang. They took them to the cave entrance and collapsed. Since then, the cave began “behaving” suspiciously. It is said that the entrance into it from time to time changed its location. What there is heard a strange noise. And once lost a boy from a neighboring village. He was last seen near the cave. On the sand found traces of the child, who went inside. All the 1,5 km inland corridors of the cave had been thoroughly studied. But the baby’s body was never found.
Cave White – locals say that it lost more than one person.
What can be found: In one of his expeditions to all team members at the same time began experiencing anxiety. Distinctly heard a dog barking. And they watched misbehavior of two large dogs – a black and white.
Getting there: By car. For Sarapulov go to the village Chegenda Karakulinskogo area. From there on the road to Ust-Belsk need to go to the bank of the Kama. The cave is located about halfway between the two settlements.
VALERY CATS, 37 years, psychotherapist, parapsychologist.
Abnormal phenomena are keen to 17 years.
1994 – graduated from the psychiatric department of the Institute of Psychotherapy in Samara.
1994-95. – Participated in expeditions to study the anomalies in the Samara region.
1997 – graduated from the branch of the St. Petersburg University of Oriental Medicine in the specialty “parapsychologist”.
Since 1997 – leaves with research expeditions to areas of Udmurtia.

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