Among the Chinese there aliens?

22 Aug

A group of nine scientists in the western Chinese province of Qinghai studied object, possibly of extraterrestrial origin.
It is a pyramid of height about 50 meters, with three grooves in the front.
The biggest deepening – at a height of two meters above the ground elevation niche six meters, depth – also six meters.
The pyramid is surrounded by pipelines: some, with a diameter of 40 cm, go inside, while others – outside and ends at the salt pond.
The engineers, who conducted the first study, argue that the construction of a very ancient, but it does not indicate the exact date of its creation.

Zone, where the pyramid is found, could be called a desert because it is located thousands of kilometers away from settlements. Here you can find only a few nomadic herders.
There are already an opinion that found flew in the distant past, a ship of alien astronauts.
However, discussion and different point of view. It is possible that the pyramid – a secret military installation during the reign of Mao Zedong. China then worked energetically to create a super weapon.
Interestingly, what is one of the main ideas of the banned religious sect in the country flanging reduced to what the aliens are already among us!
They took images of people and full speed working on the destruction of mankind…

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