Admiral Kolchak and his island

21 Aug

Admiral, KolchakThe island was discovered in the Taimyr Bay and mapped in 1901 polar expedition on board the Dawn “under the leadership of Eduard Toll . Later it was called by the name of the hydrograph of the expedition, while the Imperial Navy Lieutenant Alexander Kolchak.
In 1937, the island was renamed Kolchak Island Rastorgueva. But the authorities hurried: in the Kara Sea has been an island with that name! ..
Lieutenant Kolchak had served on the battleship Petropavlovsk, where during the stay of the ship in Piraeus, he found the Baron Toll, equipped an expedition to the mysterious Land Sannikov.
“Quite unexpectedly, – reported Kolchak – I got an offer of Baron Toll’s take part in organized by the Academy of Sciences under his command of the northern polar expedition as a hydrologist. I was invited, except for hydrology, to accept another position and the second magnetologist.
In 1903, Alexander Kolchak, on behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a special search and rescue teams lost expeditions Toll. They had written a number of scientific papers on hydrography of the Arctic Ocean.
In 1905, the Russian Geographical Society on merit assessed the contribution of Kolchak in the study of the Arctic and awarded him the Grand Konstantinovskaya gold medal “For outstanding and coupled with the difficulty and danger of the geographical feat.

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