Frogs will save humanity

Frogs,  humanityThe 240th Congress of the American Chemical Society, held in Boston, a group of scientists led by Michael Conlon of the University of the UAE made a presentation about how frogs can become “allies” in mankind’s struggle with infections resistant to antibiotics. Examining more than 6000 different kinds of frogs, scientists found in their skin almost two hundred different antibiotic substances.
The story of his study Conlon began by saying that the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria in recent years becomes a global challenge for the world. Continue reading “Frogs will save humanity”

Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

intelligenceOne of the leading astronomers of the program Seti said that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence must take into account the version of the existence of “intelligent machines”.
Program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known by its acronym Seti, still expected to receive a signal from the biological beings from a planet similar to Earth. Worked in the project Dr. Seth Shostak believes that the probability of detecting alien artificial intelligence is higher than the chance to meet the biological life form.
Scientists involved in Seti, have long been pondering the fact that the problem of the origin of life could be solved in different ways and using different materials. In this regard, the aliens can not only look different, but on a biological level to operate a completely different way than men.
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The unique magic of Lake Naroch

Lake, NarochNaroch – one of the most popular climatic and spa resorts in Belarus. The best vacation in Belarus – is here. Mother Nature had intended this picturesque place to become a resort area with high attendance. It is here, around the coast of Lake Naroch comfortably settled with a dozen health centers, health centers, tourist attractions, visitors who are simply resting or receive effective treatment and a maximum recovery through pleasant procedures.Lake Naroch – truly considered a “pearl” of Belarus, one of the largest lakes in the country. Its surface area is 85 square kilometers, the length of the coastline – 42 km, from south-east to north-west of the lake fell by 15 km., The width of its smooth surface in most of the space – 12 km. Deep Naroch up to 25 m. This is a wonder of nature in Belarus. Continue reading “The unique magic of Lake Naroch”

Spit shining of the Sun

Spit, shiningNASA experts have warned that the 24 August to our planet Earth whisk “spit” of the sun. On 21 August, Sun had a tremendous coronary emission sources which have patches that are turned towards the Earth.
They say that in November will be insanely cold and the snow falls to the waist, especially in St-Petersburg latitudes. The celebration of the first snow and New Year just around the corner. Urged:
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The bottom of the Bermuda Triangle found the second pyramid of Cheops

Bermuda, TriangleUnderwater Archaeology – calling special. The invention of the aqualung allowed the researchers to conduct the excavation of the past and reconnaissance. Archaeologists have gone under the water about 100 years ago and now have earned universal recognition. As the leading foreign institutions, even appeared qualification – an underwater archaeologist. In some States, underwater archeology has become a priority in historical research. A discovery, which makes underwater archaeologists, sometimes mind-boggling.

Maybe they will solve the mystery of another ancient pyramid found at this time in China. Stepped pyramid found on the bottom of the lake Fusyan (south-western Yunnan province).
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DNA analysis of Hitler shocked scientists

Hitler, shocked, scientistsIt turned out that the Fuhrer was bleeding blood of Jews and blacks, the extermination of which for the head of Nazi Germany was an obsession during the entire period of his reign.
It is worth noting that the main purpose of researchers have studied the DNA dictator was not to determine its roots, and the final determination of the existence of Hitler’s son from a French peasant.
The opening was the result of the investigation, which initiated the German edition Knack journalist Jean-Paul Murders. Continue reading “DNA analysis of Hitler shocked scientists”

History of Death Valley in Yakutia

Death, ValleyDeath Valley – a strange terrain in the area of the river Vilyui, where according to legend, in the land of hidden strange metal objects that represent a danger to all living things. Yakut sidestep this remote area. Rare eye-witnesses say that there are out there serving out of the land flattened arch under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most severe cold in the summer heat. In ancient times, were among the local hunters brave souls that were sleeping in the premises. But then they began to hurt badly, but someone who spent the night several times, died. Continue reading “History of Death Valley in Yakutia”

The mystery of sleep is hidden in the hair

mysteryThe study, published in the journal Communications of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), showed that hair follicles contain a report on the activity of genes that govern us when we wake up and when we sleep.Tracking the progress of your internal clock can be as easy as pulling the hair from his beard or eyebrows, say scientists
The results can be used for diagnosis and study of
disorders and conditions such as desynchronizes (violation of the circadian rhythm of the body).
Whether you’re a night owl or morning lark – your sleep-wake cycle is largely controlled by genes, in other words, the clock mechanism genes. Throughout the day, these genes change their activity, exposing the internal clock, enabling our circadian rhythms.
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Where is Ithaca, found the palace of Odysseus?

Greek archaeologist says he has found on the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea Palace mythical king Odysseus, the Trojan War hero.

“According to available data seriously, with all the academic qualifications, we believe that we are in front of the palace of Odysseus and Penelope – the only palace Homeric times, which has not yet been opened,” – said the agency professor-archaeologist Tanasis Papadopoulos, who along with his wife, also archaeologist, excavated at Ithaca for 16 years.
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What is Kasli anomaly?

Kasli, anomalyThe study of “community” began with an address by a resident of Yekaterinburg with the request to understand the incomprehensible satellite photographs, found on the pages of Outlandish form of plantations searchers RO Ural Kosmopoisk “interested, because with anything like anyone previously did not have to face. It was decided to organize a trip to the facility, and August 7, 2010 the band embarked on a journey. As a result of attacks the group managed to implement targets set, as well as detect the material evidence on the use of versions of studied objects in the activities of man. Continue reading “What is Kasli anomaly?”