Frogs will save humanity

The 240th Congress of the American Chemical Society, held in Boston, a group of scientists led by Michael Conlon of the University of the UAE made a presentation about how frogs can become “allies” in mankind’s struggle with infections resistant to antibiotics. Examining more than 6000 different kinds of frogs, scientists found in their skin… Read more Frogs will save humanity

Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

One of the leading astronomers of the program Seti said that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence must take into account the version of the existence of “intelligent machines”. Program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known by its acronym Seti, still expected to receive a signal from the biological beings from a planet similar to Earth.… Read more Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

The bottom of the Bermuda Triangle found the second pyramid of Cheops

Underwater Archaeology – calling special. The invention of the aqualung allowed the researchers to conduct the excavation of the past and reconnaissance. Archaeologists have gone under the water about 100 years ago and now have earned universal recognition. As the leading foreign institutions, even appeared qualification – an underwater archaeologist. In some States, underwater archeology… Read more The bottom of the Bermuda Triangle found the second pyramid of Cheops

What is Kasli anomaly?

The study of “community” began with an address by a resident of Yekaterinburg with the request to understand the incomprehensible satellite photographs, found on the pages of Outlandish form of plantations searchers RO Ural Kosmopoisk “interested, because with anything like anyone previously did not have to face. It was decided to organize a trip… Read more What is Kasli anomaly?