Wonderful samuyskaya rainbow

16 Jul

The photograph captures the Thai island of Koh Samui – a wonderful place in every respect.

The unique nature, turquoise sea breeze, the measured pace of life.. And the fact that this island is very much fond of our compatriots, known, apparently, not everyone.

Leisure ran into several projects, whose owners live now or sting earlier in Samui. They speak about this wonderful heavenly place with great enthusiasm.

The main positive features of the island – it is a very good-natured people and the availability of quality with a decent suppotom ISP.. And what else should be the holder of the project to be fully happy?

Yesterday at the cottage we slept under the open starry sky. But the cool breeze in the early morning forced to move into the house. She glanced at the outdoor thermometer at the entrance to +16!

Our body is so accustomed to the warmth that now, even 16 degrees implies a terrible cold.

And in Thailand, just a fairy tale! There is not observed temperature difference. Summer this year, I think, has prepared us all to the tropical temperatures. And so we are now fully adapted. To live in Samui. And not only.

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