The truth about the death of Clinical

death,ClinicalFaculty of Medicine at George Washington University filmed EEG electrical activity of the brain in seven patients who died from cancer or the effects of a heart attack. Just before death in all brain like exploded. It appeared incredible, massive bursts of electrical impulses.
Doctors this anomalous activity associated with the visions that are undergoing some people survived clinical death.
Scientists explain: – “All the neurons are connected in a circuit. From lack of oxygen, they lose the ability to hold electrical potential. And discharging – avalanche emit pulses. In this case, the brain can occur most fantastic paintings – a bright light up tunnels and other hallucinations. Strong impulses are able to for some time to whip up and long-term memory – how to highlight it. And then before the eyes of a man goes through his whole life, “are” long-dead relatives. As if coming from another world. All this and tell the survivors of clinical death.

Another resounding statement of Dr. Sam Parniama and Peter Fenvika indicates that they have irrefutable evidence of the existence of consciousness outside the human brain.

Questions like: “Is it soul?” We will not discuss, because, as a minimum it would be offensive to a reasonable person.

Scientists have studied the history of cardiac patients. Of these, 56 people have returned from the dead, can not remember anything about his time there. However, seven of the distinct memories of what they experienced during the period of clinical death.

The four maintained that they possessed a sense of peace and joy, time ran faster, feeling his body disappeared. Then came a bright light. Later there were mythical creatures, like angels or saints.

All respondents believed that they were in another world, and then came back to reality.

After examining the medical records “are alive”, the doctors pronounced the verdict: the traditional notion of cessation of brain function due to a lack of oxygen – is erroneous. No one who visited the state of clinical death there have been no significant reduction in the content life-giving gas in the tissues of the central nervous system. Until this discovery, scientists, hallucinations, usually attributed solely anoxia.

– Our patients have experienced their wonderful state at a time when the brain is no longer able to function and therefore was not able to play back any memories, – the doctor said. – I think that human consciousness is not a function of the brain. And if so, then consciousness may well continue to exist after physical death of the body.

– When we examine the brain – maintains colleague Dr. Fenvik – that is clearly visible: the cells of gray matter in their structure, in principle, no different from other cells. They also produce proteins and other chemicals. But they could not create subjective thoughts and images which we define as human consciousness.

According to scientists, our brain needs us just as a receiver-transmitter. He works as a sort of “live TV” – first accepts the waves that come into it, and then convert them into image and sound that make up the complete picture.

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