The ancient ship was found in New York

20 Jul

ancient, shipThe ancient ship was found by construction workers during work on site the twin towers of World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, where Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack occurred. The body of the ancient wooden boat was in the soil at a depth of 9 meters. In place of this unusual finds immediately arrived archaeologists and historians.

According to preliminary data of experts, this ship was built and plied the ocean expanse in the middle of the XVIII century, and after his service he was buried in the ground.

Experts have suggested that the hull used to create an artificial embankment to extend the area of Manhattan Island in the direction of the Hudson River. The ship lay in the ground more than 200 years, and his body, 10 meters long, very fragile. Archaeologists have to manually excavate the ship to conduct additional studies and to ascertain the age of the ship, as well as the reasons for his appointment to this position.

Not far from the ship’s hull was also discovered 45-pound anchor. We investigate whether these findings related to each other.

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