Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar

Mayan, calendarRepresentations to the effect that in December 2012 the planet await unprecedented cataclysms, probably formed from the wrong interpretation of the symbols on the monument of Tortuguero.

This monument of the Maya was found in the 60’s of last century. It is a stone table, covered with glyphs – symbols, identifying the particular calendar period. Despite the fact that the table is badly damaged, the scientists were able to decipher it preserved part.

Professionals were able to establish that some glyphs indicate the year, which in modern chronology might relate to 2012. To this period belongs image Bolon Yokte – god of war and creation. But the researchers believe that the table does not end with 2012. Thus, one can decipher the glyphs as “4772 year”.

In terms of the ancient Maya 2012 is notable for the fact that it is in the year ending the 13th baktun – 394-year Long Count calendar. The number “13” was sacred to the Maya, but nothing evil in itself does not contain. The end of the 13th baktuns – a crucial date from the creation of the world, but no relation to western ideas about the end of the world it has not, – said the report.

Earlier, American scientists have explained the chronology of the Maya, according to which in 2012 should take place end of the world. Mayan prophecies concerns the events, designed to change the course of history. It is known that the Maya civilization reached a high development in astronomy, calendar system, a complex math and abstract thought. Chronologically Maya modern era began on August 12 3114 BC and should be completed on Dec. 23, 2012 AD – According to the previously adopted version.

According to the calculations of astronomers in 2012 during the December solstice Sun would be in the zone of the Milky Way. As the sun will be in this zone must occur renewal of the world, his new birth. Accordingly, the Mayan prediction concerns an event that will change the course of history.
U.S. scientists have claimed that the Sun will occur outbursts. Colossal plasma charge, which cast out the sun, paralyzes all energy on Earth. Caused by this accident economic paralysis will cause the deaths of millions of people already in this year.

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