Scientist’s global warming scare

21 Jul

global, warmingGlobal warming is real. Its peak will occur in 2030. , Said Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology , Yuri Trutnev.

“It is clear that warming exists. Experts still have different points of view, as it is anthropogenic, and how much – is cyclical fluctuations in temperature on Earth. It is convinced that there are one and the other factor. Because we need to proceed from the fact that we are obliged to reduce their own impact on the planet, if we wish to preserve it in equilibrium. What threat could arise if we fail to do this? First of all, it’s the threat of melting ice and, consequently, sea-level rise. In this case, a number of areas and even a number of countries are flooded, “- said the Russian minister.

According to Trutnev, “with regard to quite tangible consequences for humanity, the scientists say that they may well begin with 2030, when humanity will not be a whole series of coordinated effort.” The minister believes that humanity must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, for example, transfer to the less powerful, or even hybrid cars, planting a forest.

At the same time, he said “the forest, even if today we planted it, they do not start tomorrow, strongly absorb carbon, this, after all, more long-term measure.” A replacement car park would be carried out in a shorter time.

The position of officials on the reality of global warming divide Ukrainian meteorologists. Head of the Ukrainian Hydro meteorological Nicholas Kulbida said that he agrees with the predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “These forecasts say that in the coming year’s pyatdesyat air temperature will rise. Its growth is possible in the range from 2 to 6 ° depending on the circumstances. This significant discrepancy is explained by the fact that different scenarios and models give different results. But even if we take the average result, it is very much “, – the expert said.

A recent study by Stanford University has shown that prolonged periods of extremely high temperatures will be commonplace in the U.S. over the next three weeks. Scientists interpret this as a result of global warming. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, the first five months of this year were the warmest in the history of weather observations.

Warmer-than-normal conditions were observed in almost all continents and countries, particularly in the United States. Despite the fact that the surface temperature of the ocean in June was not a record, a combination of temperature on the earth and the various anomalies of the sea made last June the warmest. Thus, this year has been broken record June heat, set in 2005.

According to forecasters, the land rises and the humidity level. Wetter than normal conditions were observed this year in the south of India, China and Europe, as well as in the middle states of America. At the same time the south-western Australia by a record deficit of rain. In the Arctic in the past month and recorded the lowest area of the polar glaciers, which can lead to increased penetration of solar radiation into the ocean, and this, in turn, affect the growth rate of ice melt, said meteorologist Taylor Ward.

The process of reducing the surface of the Arctic sea ice observed since 1990.

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Scientists have yet can not find a clear answer to the question of how to deal with the problem of global warming. Recent studies have shown that the slowing global warming by using aerosol sprays in the upper atmosphere and increases its reflectivity, will not stabilize the climate and lead to unequal consequences for different countries. This is reported in the article the researchers published in Nature Geosciences Sunday.
With climate simulation Kate Rica from the University of Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, USA, and her colleagues showed that the buildup of greenhouse gases while reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface will reduce the intensity of the movement of air masses in the lower atmosphere and as a result – reduce the amount of precipitation.

Moreover, these climatic effects will be uneven in the various countries. For example, if using aerosol attempt to maintain historical levels of air temperature on the territory of China, in India it will lead to a noticeable cooling and increased humidity. If you try to stabilize the current climate in India, it will lead to a significant excess of the critical temperature in China, which is unacceptable.

The authors believe that the idea is the use of aerosols in the light of new data can be used only as a temporary measure to stabilize global temperature. Methods are to combat global warming must involve the reduction of atmospheric CO2 concentration.
The idea of using aerosols based on observations of volcanologists, recorded a significant global cooling about 0.5 degrees in 1991 after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. This eruption was accompanied by a release of huge quantities of sulfate compounds, which formed aerosol particles when hit in the upper atmosphere. This in turn led to an increase in reflectivity of the atmosphere and shielding the Earth from the side of falling on her sunlight.

Proponents of the so-called geoinzhiniringa believe that by artificial spraying of sulfur compounds in the stratosphere can achieve the same effect and stop the global increase in temperature climate. Authors of new work has shown that in this way is really easy to stabilize the temperature of the climate until at least 2080, but the growing amount of greenhouse gases do not allow a stabilization of the temperature is acceptable to all.

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