Rai was in South Africa

Research director Dr. Curtis Marine Institute of man’s origin Arizona State Institute (Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University), ancestors settled in the caves 195,000 years ago. Wandered to escape the cold and hunger suddenly started severe glacial period.

Many experts now generally believed that the cave Pinnacle Point may remain the only inhabitable place on Earth – a kind of paradise. Humanity has hardly set foot on two legs, was then on the verge of extinction. Survived only a few dozen people, having come to the coast of present South Africa. And then they have proliferated throughout the world, reaching up to Europe.

– Severe climate almost destroyed our species, Homo sapiens, – said Professor Marin. – But the unique conditions of the coast of South Africa allowed surviving.

The area is preserved vegetation Pinnacle Point – HB abundance here grew apples, then glorified in the myths of Eden. Do not freeze and the ocean. Ancestors of receiving vitamins. But the main thing – to eat fish, shellfish, and whales, stranded. What, indeed, in the nearby caves. Moreover, there are people possessed by fire and learned to make tools. And it happened much earlier than used to be considered. Such skills, by the way, and then helped their ancestors to learn to Europe.

The researchers emphasize: “heaven on earth” is not only protected and warmed Adamov and s, but also contributed to the evolution. Due to the marine protein diet, rich in fatty acids, the ancestors of increased and become more complex brains. That is, they are smarter enough to have learned to cope with hostile environments. And in the end, failed to disappear – either to him or to us.

Colleagues of Professor Marina generally share his views. But consider that in addition to Pinnacle Point small group of people could wait until the ice age – that is, global warming – somewhere else. For example, in the equatorial region.

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