On Titan, detecting life

27 Jul

Titan – the largest satellite of Saturn, the second largest moon in the solar system. It was opened in 1655 by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

Titan is the first known satellite of Saturn – in 1655 he was discovered by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

The diameter of the Titan – 5152 km, which is 50% more than the moon.

NASA experts found signs of life on the planet Saturn satellite Titan.

Conclusions about the presence of primitive species of life on Titan are made on the basis of analysis of data obtained from the American satellite Cassini. ” According to them, these “life forms breathing the atmosphere of Saturn’s largest moon and consume located on the surface of Titan’s chemical compounds, thereby obtaining the necessary energy.

One researcher Chris McKay said:

“We are confident that the hydrogen which is in the atmosphere of Titan used biological forms similar to that on Earth living organisms breathes oxygen.” He did not rule out that this is an entirely new form of biological life, completely different from the Earth.

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