Location of God is now known

30 Jul

GodThe University of Missouri found a new location of God. This was done after they found that all the spiritual experiences of the world religions have a common source and are the processes occurring in the human brain.
As an example of spiritual processes, similar in all religions, it was considered a transcendental state, where a person partly loses its sense of itself in the process of meditation or prayer, and to communicate with the deity. The researchers found that this condition is achieved by reduction in activity in the right parietal part of the brain, according to Look.

Prior to these surveys already conducted in the field of neurophysiology meditation Buddhists and Franciscan friars. Then it was noticed that regardless of religion, people use the same necropsychological functions, such as the transition to a transcendental state, a feeling of unity with the universe.
Missouri University researchers widened the range of examples of his observations on people with brain injuries. It turned out that with a damaged right parietal part of the people are more in touch with God.
“The brain has a role in the commission of spiritual experiences, – explained Professor University of Missouri Brick Johnstone. – Studying people with brain injuries, we found that people with a damaged right parietal part of the brain much more quickly reach a state, as transcendence.
People with such selfless spiritual experiences have a strong mental health, especially if their belief in the existence of the divine positive.

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