In the tomb of the pharaoh found an unfinished tunnel

tombIn the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I in the Valley of the Kings found the unfinished 174-meter tunnel, reported Bloom berg, citing the Ministry of Culture of Egypt.

The tunnel consists of two stretching deep into the ground ladders that are connected by transitions. The arches are covered with sketches of paintings that have not been completed, and yet the figures, which archaeologists believe the guidance of the architect working. Scientists assume that the tunnel had to lead a secret tomb.

This tunnel was discovered in 1960, but later information about his whereabouts have been lost.

Seti I, Pharaoh XIX dynasty that ruled Egypt in the XIII century BC. He became famous for its wars in the Middle East and Libya, and was the father of Ramses II – one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs. The tomb of Seti I with well-preserved wall paintings was discovered in 1817. Log into it was carefully hidden and discovered by chance after a landslide caused by heavy rain.

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