In the Atlantic an unknown substance

12 Jul

AtlanticTen previously unknown to science species of marine life found in the depths of the scholars of the Atlantic Ocean. According to researchers, these “smaller brothers” are close to the evolutionary link between vertebrate and invertebrate animals.

The experts studied six weeks the depth along the Mid-ridge between Iceland and the Azores. Scientists have focused their attention on the region under the cold waters north of the Gulf Stream and the warmest waters in the south.

Using new technology and accurate navigation, they discovered three new species of worm’s, whose bodies are divided as to three parts. The expedition members watched as these extraordinary creatures without eyes and the brain something to eat on the seabed, leaving a spiral tracks. Also, scientists have found out that worms survived swimming motions.

“We have seen how these unusual creation is something they eat on the sea floor and leave behind a trail in the form of a spiral, – said a member of the expedition, Professor Monty Come, laboratory director of British university. – These beings in appearance and color differ from each other – some of them are bright pink and purple specimens.

In the area of steep slopes and cliffs, researchers have discovered new species of the so-called sea cucumbers. These creatures are usually cylindrical in shape slowly move on the seabed. But the scientists they had gone off with incredible speed.

According to biologists, to date remains unknown nearly a million of inhabitants of the sea depths. “This expedition has revolutionized our understanding of the deep life of the Atlantic Ocean, – Having noticed a professor. – Using new technology and accurate navigation, we can discover things about which never suspected. “

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