Dinosaur eggs are warmed with boiling water

01 Jul

Dinosaur, eggsSome species of dinosaurs laid eggs in the immediate vicinity of the geothermal sources, so that the steam rising from them warmed masonry.

The article, in which experts presented data findings, published in the journal Nature Communications.

The authors have worked in Argentina, in the province of La Rioja (La Rioja). They found 80 clutches of eggs at a distance of three meters or less from geothermal sources. The average stack contained from 3 to 12 eggs, but in some cases, their number reached 35 pieces. By outward appearances, scientists have determined that the eggs belonged neozauropodam – a group of reptiles, sister zauropodam (giant dinosaurs running on four legs).

Chemical analysis of minerals from the eggshell showed that eggs within one to two months were heated to 60-100 degrees Celsius. The thickness of the shell eggs with a diameter of about 21 cm ranged from 1.29 to 7.54 millimeters. Scientists believe that the maximum thickness was at the time of lying, but under the influence of dissolved hot springs acids shell gradually thinning. By the time of hatching the young shells are sufficiently thin so that it can be destroyed from the inside.

Scientists often find dinosaur eggs, and extinct birds in various parts of the world. More recently, a group of researchers first succeeded in isolating DNA from eggshells giant birds disappeared about 19,000 years ago.

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