Devil’s Bridge over the River Sergio

20 Jul

Devil's, BridgeI’m not sure why, but this bridge over a river in the town of Sergio Lucchi in Italy, was a grim nickname – Pont del Diable Bridge Devil. For that it stuck to him? Perhaps because of such bizarre shapes?

At night, the miracle is highlighted by a bridge and a desire to learn about the connection between these places with the Devil compounded with great force.

If you have a nickname that even a small fraction of the truth, then it can not be called a bridge, built during the Roman Empire. This Pont del Diable .. Devil’s Bridge.

What did not invent, and erected this bridge an unknown artist, who not only left an indelible mark, and mark, which operates over the centuries..

In general, analyzing events, I must say that these attractions, especially the bridge with the chilling title can not interest tourists.

So if in search of something unusual and creative, the Devil’s Bridge could be for you to just such an extraordinary sight.

And yet.. Why this name?

Perhaps there is often people who wanted suicide, often thrown into the dark waters? Riddle…

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