Cretan miracle – the cave church.

cave, church.This remarkable example of the cave Orthodox church. This small but amazingly beautiful church located a cave a natural origin. Most caves Cave specifically in the rock or other solid ground rocks, in our case the space for the church created by nature, and a master with great professionalism built a wall and gave birth to a miracle.

It would be faster to start any journey, my soul thirsts for new unique beauty and scenery. Our planet is so vast.

Continuing do not leave the thoughts to see the world in live, but the amazing thing: profits grow, and free cash does not become larger. (

Some kind of nonsense. Arises inference that money can not buy happiness.. Perhaps this is really an axiom. Happiness should look inside them, to work on the beauty of external and internal, on the beauty around them. Make your peace and joy of their own and not rely on the good magician..

Today, the majority of our fellow citizens live in the gloomy house with concrete walls, in dark and cramped cages, causing depression, even in spring. Comfort and originality ceteris paribus in such a structure can not be sad..

Therefore, I recommend you sell the cage and get wooden houses Novgorod – unique, wonderful, warm and cozy, keeping the memories of those who lived there. In this house lives the sun, love and joy. “Make your life a little happier!

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