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23 Jul

Big, BangThe event, which created our universe, and we called the Big Bang is not just once or twice referred to the web and excites minds of mankind. We offer a few interesting facts that will be superfluous to find out.
1. Big Bang Theory created priest
Despite the fact that the Christian faith is still kept these canons, as the creation of everything in the last 7 days, the Big Bang theory was developed by a Catholic priest, who was also a physicist and astronomer. Priest named Georges Lemaitre. He called his theory “gipotezisom primeval atom”, and he also proposed a theory of the expanding universe.

Interestingly, Einstein, who had heard about this theory, said the following “Your calculations are correct, but your knowledge of physics – terrible.” Despite this, the priest continued to defend his theory, and already in 1933, Einstein gave up, publicly stating that the explanation of the theory of “Big Bang” – one of the most compelling of all, that he had heard.

2. Edgar Allan Poe suggested something similar in 1848

Of course, he was a physicist, and therefore could not create a theory, backed up by calculations. But at that time and was not even the mathematical apparatus that is sufficient to create a system of calculations of this model. Instead, he created the artwork “Eureka”, which anticipates the opening of “black holes” and explains the paradox of Olbers.

In addition, the “Eureka” By talking about “primordial particle”, “absolutely unique and individual. The very poem was clobber and was considered unsuccessful from an artistic point of view. But scientists still do not understand how could so far ahead by science.

3. The name of the theory created by accident

Moreover, the author names are opposed to this theory. English astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, who believed in the stability of the universe, was the first who used the name of the theory of «Big Bamg». In criticizing the theory, which has not been brief and inclusive title, in 1949 he spoke on the radio. He coined the term to “humiliate” the Big Bang theory. However, the same Big Bang now – officially and commonly called the theory of origin of the universe.

4. Before the Big Bang there was nothing … Or was it?

The fact is that until recently it was thought that, indeed, to the Big Bang there was nothing, because there was no time. Since there was no time, so there was no space. In general, there was nothing.

But string theory, which has become extremely popular in recent years, argues that nevertheless there was something before the explosion. The theory of quantum gravity, too, is trying to prove it.

5. All the time after the Big Bang is divided into Epochs

Scientists have divided the entire existence of the universe at the era, roughly the same way as is done with the history of our planet. Now Age of constellations, some time an era of degeneration era of black holes, dark era.

But we have nothing to fear – before all that, before the dark eras of the universe many, many billions of years, so you can continue to live and not worry about it.

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