A new evolutionary mechanism

20 Jul

evolutionary, mechanismScientists have identified a new evolutionary mechanism that works to bypass genetics.

Group of experts from University of Rochester (USA) and University of Victoria (Canada) recorded a stunning process, during which the bacteria settles in the body of the animal, gives him a reproductive advantage, and then transmitted by inheritance? In accordance with the law of natural selection, the offspring of such individuals over time begins to excel in this population.

John Jenica, first together with his colleagues describes this phenomenon, notes that perhaps it is widespread, but goes unnoticed.

The discovery may lead to the development of methods of treatment with the introduction of specific bacteria in the body that protect people from disease. No genes united…

Scientists have observed the fly Drosophila neotestacea, which sterilized some nematodes. When bacteria from the genus Spiro plasma nematodes in sight grew ill and could no longer sabotage the production of eggs. Throwing tired eyes of the neighborhood, the researchers found that Drosophila with these bacteria are distributed throughout North America, and their number is growing. In the early 1980’s symbionts were 10% among flies eastern United States, and by 2008 – 80%. “Distribution of Spiro plasma raises questions about the speed of evolutionary changes occurring implicitly now and all time”, – says Mr. Jenica.

It is worth noting that the nematode tortured overseas do not always fly, and friendship with the bacteria – an adequate response, came to the rescue soon enough after the invasion worms in North America. Evolution is not affected a gene.

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