A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the open.

Night's, DreamI’ll be right, if a statement of fact that any of us at least once in your life lying on the grass and stared into the bottomless magical night sky. I am sure that each of us can forget the sense of vastness and power of being overwhelming us in a moment. Star heaven beckons you to the mystical mystery, which both wants to understand. When you look at the starry sky, all is vanity of this world seems to be completely insignificant. And in that moment all the inhabitants of the global problems of planet Earth turned into a small blade of grass.

For me to live in housing with a beautiful and unique interior design is very important. Therefore it was important to find the time great company, carrying out repair of apartments and realize the dream of his into reality.

Summer passes and after repair, rainy autumn evening I am enjoying the whole universe, lying on a couch in his room. This helps me a home planetarium, which creates a projection of images the sky on the ceiling of my bedroom, giving comfort and peace.

This is not the ceiling.. Overhead – the starry sky, this sky, the whole universe. It is interesting to sleep under such a mystical ceiling. Is it possible, at the end of hard day to draw the curtains tight and feel the atmosphere of infinite space? And enjoyed the pleasure!

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