Rai was in South Africa

Research director Dr. Curtis Marine Institute of man’s origin Arizona State Institute (Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University), ancestors settled in the caves 195,000 years ago. Wandered to escape the cold and hunger suddenly started severe glacial period. Many experts now generally believed that the cave Pinnacle Point may remain the only inhabitable… Read more Rai was in South Africa

Change fate may

Many people are not happy with their own destiny. Uniformity tired. They do not try to change their own fate, so they do not believe that this vozmozhno Eksperty proved that the fate of man – is the result of his thoughts and actions. And with the help of specific technologies may easily affect their… Read more Change fate may

Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar

Representations to the effect that in December 2012 the planet await unprecedented cataclysms, probably formed from the wrong interpretation of the symbols on the monument of Tortuguero. This monument of the Maya was found in the 60’s of last century. It is a stone table, covered with glyphs – symbols, identifying the particular calendar period.… Read more Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar