Rai was in South Africa

Research director Dr. Curtis Marine Institute of man’s origin Arizona State Institute (Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University), ancestors settled in the caves 195,000 years ago. Wandered to escape the cold and hunger suddenly started severe glacial period.

Many experts now generally believed that the cave Pinnacle Point may remain the only inhabitable place on Earth – a kind of paradise. Humanity has hardly set foot on two legs, was then on the verge of extinction. Survived only a few dozen people, having come to the coast of present South Africa. And then they have proliferated throughout the world, reaching up to Europe.
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Mystic Artifact Tears Of Dragon

DragonFor a long time rock ‘Dragon Tears changed a lot of owners, eventually he found himself in a private collection of Peter Rashidovich Tollunbaeva – archaeologist, explorer and collector. According to the owner of the stone, even if briefly touching a person feels the heat coming from the rocks, and tide energy. The ancient believed that Ulunyng Dzhazhi gives good luck and protection from evil spirits at the two lunar periods (58 days).

According to the owner of the stone, even if briefly touching a person feels the heat coming from the rocks, and tide energy. The ancient believed that Ulunyng Dzhazhi gives good luck and protection from evil spirits at the two lunar periods (58 days). Continue reading “Mystic Artifact Tears Of Dragon”

Location of God is now known

GodThe University of Missouri found a new location of God. This was done after they found that all the spiritual experiences of the world religions have a common source and are the processes occurring in the human brain.
As an example of spiritual processes, similar in all religions, it was considered a transcendental state, where a person partly loses its sense of itself in the process of meditation or prayer, and to communicate with the deity. The researchers found that this condition is achieved by reduction in activity in the right parietal part of the brain, according to Look.
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The truth about the death of Clinical

death,ClinicalFaculty of Medicine at George Washington University filmed EEG electrical activity of the brain in seven patients who died from cancer or the effects of a heart attack. Just before death in all brain like exploded. It appeared incredible, massive bursts of electrical impulses.
Doctors this anomalous activity associated with the visions that are undergoing some people survived clinical death.
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Change fate may

FateMany people are not happy with their own destiny. Uniformity tired. They do not try to change their own fate, so they do not believe that this vozmozhno Eksperty proved that the fate of man – is the result of his thoughts and actions. And with the help of specific technologies may easily affect their lives and greatly change it.
What is this technology?
In order to establish their own destiny and achieve happiness experts in psychology advises to use self-hypnosis. This method is very efficient. Thanks to him, you can reprogram your subconscious mind from negative to positive life script. The main thing to have a strong desire and belief that your mental work will bring you success.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the open.

Night's, DreamI’ll be right, if a statement of fact that any of us at least once in your life lying on the grass and stared into the bottomless magical night sky. I am sure that each of us can forget the sense of vastness and power of being overwhelming us in a moment. Star heaven beckons you to the mystical mystery, which both wants to understand. When you look at the starry sky, all is vanity of this world seems to be completely insignificant. And in that moment all the inhabitants of the global problems of planet Earth turned into a small blade of grass.
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On Titan, detecting life

Titan – the largest satellite of Saturn, the second largest moon in the solar system. It was opened in 1655 by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

Titan is the first known satellite of Saturn – in 1655 he was discovered by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens.

The diameter of the Titan – 5152 km, which is 50% more than the moon.

NASA experts found signs of life on the planet Saturn satellite Titan.
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Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar

Mayan, calendarRepresentations to the effect that in December 2012 the planet await unprecedented cataclysms, probably formed from the wrong interpretation of the symbols on the monument of Tortuguero.

This monument of the Maya was found in the 60’s of last century. It is a stone table, covered with glyphs – symbols, identifying the particular calendar period. Despite the fact that the table is badly damaged, the scientists were able to decipher it preserved part.
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Big Bang- interesting facts

Big, BangThe event, which created our universe, and we called the Big Bang is not just once or twice referred to the web and excites minds of mankind. We offer a few interesting facts that will be superfluous to find out.
1. Big Bang Theory created priest
Despite the fact that the Christian faith is still kept these canons, as the creation of everything in the last 7 days, the Big Bang theory was developed by a Catholic priest, who was also a physicist and astronomer. Priest named Georges Lemaitre. He called his theory “gipotezisom primeval atom”, and he also proposed a theory of the expanding universe.
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The unimaginable spectacle – Butchart gardens in Canada

In the unique Bucharest gardens that bloom in the Canadian province of British Columbia sorts of interesting things.

This is one of the most famous in the whole west coast of the Americas garden. The founder of this garden – the wife of the famous industrialist, who lived in the early twentieth century – Robert Butchart.

My wife came for her husband, who at that time was in a quarry, where the work was done on the development of limestone. The work was almost complete and the deposit has run out. The wife, seeing the wounded land, horrified and determined that the need to ennoble the exhausted soil. Breathe in her life.
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