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16 Jun

Underground, CityIn Poland and Germany still time legends about the mysterious underground fortifications, lost in the forests of the north-western Poland and is indicated on the maps Wehrmacht as “Camp of the earthworm.” This concreted and reinforced under the ground and the city remains to this day one of the terra incognita of XX century. “In the early 1960’s I, the military prosecutor, had a chance on urgent business to leave from Wroclaw in Wołów, Głogów, Green Guru and Mendzizhech in Kenshitsu, – says a retired colonel of justice Alexander Liskin. – That, lost in the folds of the terrain north-western Poland a small town, it seemed, was far from forgotten.

Around the sullen, almost impassable forests, small rivers and lakes, old minefields, dragon’s teeth, nicknamed “dragon teeth”, and ditches overgrown with thistle erupted us fortified Wehrmacht. Concrete and barbed wire, moss-covered ruins – all that remains of a powerful defensive wall, when something which was designed to “cover up” Fatherland, if the war would roll back. The Germans Mendzizhech was called Mezeritsem. Reinforcement area, absorbs and Kenshitsu – “Mezeritskim. In Kenshitse I ever have been before. The traveler life of this village almost invisible: peace and quiet, the air is filled with the aromas of the passing of the forest. Here, in an obscure patch of peace in Europe, the military talk of a secret forest lake Kshiva, located somewhere near, the salary deaf coniferous forest. But no details. Rather – rumors, speculation … I remember the old, sometimes prosevshey paved road going to the “victory” in the location of one of the teams regard the Northern Group.

Pyatibatalonnaya brigade was located in the former German military town, hidden from prying eyes in the green forest. Once it is this place and it was indicated on the maps Wehrmacht toponyms «Regenwurmlager» – «Camp earthworm.” The driver, Lance Corporal Vladimir Chernov, the drilling dirt road eyes while listening to the work of the carburetor has recently returned from the overhaul of a car. Left sandy slope, covered with fir. Firs and pines, it seems, are the same everywhere. But here they look gloomy. Forced to stop. Guess the roadside near a large hazel. Leaving from corporal stiff hood and slowly climb the scree sand. End of July – time to gather hazelnuts. Bypassing the bush, unexpectedly running into an old tomb: blackened wooden Catholic cross on which hangs a SS helmet, covered with a dense web of cracks at the base of the cross – a white ceramic bank with dried wildflowers. In the rare grass guess oplyvshy parapet of the trench, blackened spent cartridges from a German machine-gun «MG». Hence, probably, well once be exposed this way.

I went back to the car. Bottom Chernov waving my hands, points to the slope. A few more steps and I see sticking out of the sand, laying the old mortar. They were separated as if by melt water, rain, and wind: Regulators prolong the sand, head fuses sticking out. Only touches the … dangerous place in the quiet forest. After ten minutes, the path seemed built of huge boulders, the wall of the former camp. Hundred meters away, near the road, like a concrete pillbox, a gray-foot dome of some engineering structures. On the other side – the ruins, apparently the mansion. On the wall, as if cutting off highway from the military camp, almost invisible traces of bullets and shrapnel.

According to the accounts of local residents, protracted battles were not there, the Germans did not stand the onslaught. When it became clear that the garrison (two regiments, the school division of the SS Death’s Head “and part of the collateral) may enter the environment, it is urgently evacuated. It is hard to imagine how could a few hours almost a whole division to escape from this natural trap. And where? If the only road on which we are going, the tanks had already been intercepted by 44-th Guards Tank Brigade of the First Guards Tank Army General Katukov. The first “rammed” and found a gap in the minefields fortified armored battalion of the Guards, Major Alexei Karabanov posthumously – Hero of the Soviet Union. That’s around here somewhere and he burned in his wounded car to the end of January 1945 …

Kenshitsky garrison I remember this: a stone wall – Ruler tenement buildings, ground, grounds, dining room, a little further – headquarters, classrooms, hangars for technology and communications. Which was essential to the brigade was part of the elite forces, which provided the General Staff to control the troops on the impressive space of the European theater of operations. From the north to the camp and the lake looms Kshiva, comparable in magnitude, for example, Cheremenetskim that near St. Petersburg or Moscow region long. Amazing beauty, kenshitskoe Forest Lake surrounded by signs everywhere secrets, which seems here even permeated the air.

From 1945 until nearly the end of 1950 this place was, in fact, only under the supervision of the safety management of the city Mendzizhech – where, as they say in the service of his supervised Polish officer named Telyutko – yes commander stationed somewhere number of Polish artillery regiment. With their direct involvement and has been implemented temporary transfer of the territory of the former German military camp our team communication. Convenient town fully meet the qualifications and seemed like the whole palm. However, careful command of the brigade decided at the same time not violates the rules of the quartering of troops and ordered to be held in the garrison and the neighborhood thorough an engineering reconnaissance.

It was then, and began opening, struck the imagination of even the seasoned veterans, are held at the time service. Let’s start with the fact that near the lake, in a reinforced concrete box, was found bushing out of the underground power cable, instrument measurements in the veins of which showed the presence of industrial power voltage of 380 volts. Soon attracted the attention of engineers concrete well, which swallowed the water, falls from heights. At the same survey reported that, perhaps, underground power communication comes from Mendzizhecha.

However, there was not excluded and the presence of a hidden battery power and also the fact that its turbine rotates the water falling into a well. They said that the lake is somehow connected to the surrounding waters, and their are many. Check these assumptions sappers brigade was not under force. Parts of the SS, were in the camp for them in the fateful days of the 45 th, as the water dripped. Since around the perimeter of the lake due to the obstruction of the forest was impossible, I take a Sunday afternoon, asked the commander of one of the captain’s mouth Gamow show me the area with water. They sat in lodchonku and, in turn changing the oars and making short stops for a few hours rounded the lake, we were very close to the shore. On the eastern side of the lake rose more powerful, already overgrown with underbrush hills, waste heaps. Mostly they were relayed artillery guardhouse, facing front to the east and south. It was possible to observe, and two similar to the small puddle lake. Near towering shields with inscriptions in both languages: “Danger! Mines! ”

– Slag heap you see? Like the Egyptian pyramids. Inside, they have different back doors, trapdoors. Through them from under our land radioreleyschiki in the regeneration of the garrison were getting decorative tiles. It was said that “there” real picture. As for those puddles, then, according to engineers, this is the flooded entrances to the underground city – Gamow said, and continued: – I recommend looking at yet another puzzle – an island in the middle of the lake. Several years ago, low-altitude post sentries noticed that this island is not really an island in the usual sense. He swims, or rather, slowly drifting, standing as if at anchor. I looked around. Floating island was covered with pine trees and willows. The area did not exceed fifty square meters, and he seemed really slow and hard rocking to the black waters of the Pacific basin. In the lake was clearly man-south-west and south continued, reminding the appendix. There are six left in a depth of two to three meters, the water was relatively clear, but overgrown and resembling a fern algae completely covered the bottom. In the middle of the bay rose the gloomy gray reinforced concrete tower, which had obviously once a special purpose? Looking at her, I remembered the air intakes of the Moscow subway, accompanying his deep tunnels. In the narrow window was evident that within the concrete tower standing water. There was no doubt: somewhere beneath me underground structure, which for some reason it took to build it here, in remote areas under Mendzizhechem.

But familiarity with “The camp earthworm” this is not over. During that same engineering exploration engineers identified disguised as a hill, the entrance to the tunnel. Already in the first approximation, it became clear that a serious construction, moreover, probably with different kinds of traps, including mine. They said that as a tipsy sergeant on his motorcycle decided to dispute a ride on the mysterious tunnel. More cab supposedly did not see. We had all these facts to verify, clarify, and I turned to the command of the brigade. It turned out that engineers and communications personnel teams in the special group not only came down to it, but removed from the entrance to a distance not less than ten kilometers. True, no one in it does not disappear. The result – discovered several previously unknown inputs. For obvious reasons, information about this unusual expedition remained confidential. With one of the staff officers, we have gone beyond the territory of, and eyes immediately rushed to the familiar ‘steps to nowhere “and looked like a dot gray concrete dome, faceless sticking out on the other side of the road. – This is one of the entrances to the underground tunnel – explained the officer. – You understand that such revelations could stir people’s minds.

This view of our legal status in the host country prompted to acquire entrance to a tunnel in a steel grille and armor-plate a tragedy! We were obliged to exclude them. However, we know of inputs into the ground is forced to think that there are others. – So what is it? – For us, as far as we can assume an underground city, where there is everything necessary for independent living for many years – said the officer. – One of the participants in the very same search group, established by order of the brigade commander, Colonel Dorosheva, – he continued – Technician Cherepanov captain, said later that through out this dot, which we see on a steel spiral staircase, they fell deeply under the ground. In the light of lanterns acid entered the underground metro. This was exactly the subway, as the bottom of the tunnel is laid railway track. The ceiling was no signs of soot. On the walls – trim the pointing cables. Probably, the locomotive moved here electricity.

The Group entered the tunnel is not in the beginning. Start the tunnel was somewhere near the forest lake. Another part was fixed on the west – to the river Oder. Almost immediately discovered an underground crematorium. Perhaps it is in its furnaces burned remains of the builders of dungeons. Slowly, with the observance of safety precautions, the search team moved through the tunnel in the direction of modern Germany. Soon stopped counting tunnel branches – they have discovered dozens. And right and left. But most of the branches was carefully entombed. They may have been approaches to unknown objects, including parts of the underground city. The giant underground network remained for the uninitiated fozyaschim many dangers labyrinth. Check it thoroughly not possible. The tunnel was dry – a sign of good waterproofing. It seemed, on the other, unknown, the sides are about the lights seem a train or large truck (vehicles, too, could go there) … In the words Cherepanov, it was man-made underground world, which is an excellent implementation of engineering. The captain told us that the group was moving slowly, and after several hours of stay under the ground began to lose feeling really covered.

To some of its members had the idea that the study of conserved in the underground city built under forests, fields and streams – a problem for professionals different level. This required a different level of large forces, resources and time. According to our military, subway could stretch for tens of kilometers, and “dive” under the Oder. Where now and where its final station – it was hard to even imagine. Soon the leader of the group decided to return. On the exploration results reported to the brigade commander. – It turns out there was fighting from the top, burning tanks, and people – I thought aloud, – and lived at the bottom of the mysterious giant concrete arteries of the city. This is not immediately possible to imagine being in this gloomy edge. Frankly speaking, the first information on the extent of the secret dungeon was curtailed, however, and she impressed. As the former Chief of Staff of the brigade, Col. P. Kabanov, shortly after the memorable first survey of Legnica in Kenshitsu specially arrived commander of the Northern Group of Forces, Colonel-General PS Maryahin, who personally went down to the underground metro. Later I had a chance to meet and talk in detail many times about the “Camp of the earthworm” with one of the last commander’s kenshitskoy Brigade, Col. V. Spiridonov.

Gradually formed a new vision of this extraordinary in their scale of military secrets. It was found that between 1958 and 1992 have pyatibatalonnoy brigade turn replaced by nine officers, and each of them – like it or not – had to adapt to the surroundings of this unsolved underground territory. Service Spiridonov in the team as it took place in two stages. At first, in the middle of 1970, Vladimir Ivanovich was a staff officer, and the second – the brigade commander. From his words, almost all the commanders of the Northern Group of Forces (GBS) considered it their duty to visit the distant garrison and personally acquainted with the underground labyrinths. As an engineer concluded that happened to read Spiridonova, just under the garrison was discovered and surveyed 44 kilometers of underground communications. Vladimir Ivanovich still can fotofafii some objects of the old German Defense Kenshitsey. On one of them – the entrance to the underground tunnel.

The officer indicated that the height and width of the underground stem is about three meters. The mouth is gently lowered into the ground and dives on a fifty-depth. There tunnels branch out and overlap, there are transport-site separation. Spiridonov also indicates that the walls and ceiling of subway made of reinforced concrete slabs, the floor is covered with rectangular stone slabs. He personally, as a specialist, drew attention to the fact that this secret line was broken in the bulk of land in the west to the Oder, to which the crow flies from Kenshitsy 60 km. He had heard that at the site where the underground dives under the Oder, the tunnel pritoplen. With one of the commanders of GBS Spiridonov sunk deep beneath the earth and the Army “Uazika” drove through a tunnel in the direction of Germany for at least 20 kilometers. On the underground city, according to a former brigade commander knew taciturn Pole, known as Dr. Mendzizheche Podbelsky.

In the late 1980’s he was almost 90 years … An avid historian, he was in the late 1940’s – early 1950 alone, at your own risk, through the discovery hole repeatedly fell to the ground. In the late 1980’s Podbelsky told that this strategic site the Germans began to build as early as 1927, but the most active – since 1933, when the power in Germany Hitler came in 1937, the last person came into the camp from Berlin, and, as argued the rails secret underground. In fact, from that moment hidden city deemed to be delivered for use by the Wehrmacht and the SS. What a hidden communications giant object was connected to the plant and strategic storage, also underground, located in the villages is high and the Sands, that in two or three miles west and north of the lake. The lake itself Kshiva, said the colonel, is striking in its beauty and purity. Oddly enough, the lake is an integral part of mystery. The area of its mirrors is not less than 200 thousand square meters and the depth scale – from 3 (in the south and west) to 20 meters (in the east). It is in the eastern part of some army fishermen succeeded in the summer at a favorable light to see the muddy bottom of something, for its shape and other features reminiscent of a very large hatch, received from soldiers nicknamed the “eye of hell.”

The so-called “eye” was closed. Do not Do it at the time was concealed from the view of the pilot and heavy bombs already mentioned above, a floating island? What could serve as a hatch? Rather, he acted in Kingston for emergency flooding of part or all underground facilities. But if the door is closed to this day, so they are not used in January 1945. Thus, we can not exclude the fact that the underground city is not flooded, and laid up “before a special occasion. Something kept him underground horizons? Who are they waiting for?

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