The ghosts of two capitals

“The real horror is like a ghostly memory of the horrors of a distant past. A man who believes in ghosts and imagines the night before a ghost must feel terrible in all its endless nightmarish monstrosity “- wrote in his novel” Fear “by Guy de Maupassant. Ghosts and apparitions, as we well know from the literature, found in most cemeteries, ancient castles and monasteries. Traditional stories about ghosts are written in the European tradition.

With the advent of civilization, the ghosts ended up in museums and libraries, unfinished subway stations, parks and even … in shopping malls. In every large city there are certain places where the custom unclean spirits. In the international ranking of cities with active otherworldly forces Moscow closes the top ten. Pervoprestolnaya decently behind the leader in the number of urban ghosts – London, and from the informal capital of the mystical Europe – Prague, with its Golem and mad barber.

St. Petersburg is a younger city than the above, and although there, too, not all the pure, ghosts on an order of magnitude smaller. One of the most curious of the St. Petersburg ghosts appeared shortly after the October 1917 founded by Peter Kunstkammer (now the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography). In his time there on the orders of the emperor was placed as an exhibit human skeleton huge growth. During the revolutionary turmoil some of the exhibits, including the skull of a giant, lost. After that, the museum curator and the guards told us that night in the corridors of the museum is haunting specter of the skeleton and is looking for his skull. It argued that the nature of a peace-loving ghosts.

The oldest ghost of St. Petersburg is considered to be the father-founder of the city on the Neva. In the police records of the XIX century preserved records of the corpses with his head smashed, which were chosen far from the “Bronze Horseman”. But in Moscow in ghosts is associate of Peter I.

Vilimovich Bruce – a respected astronomer and a talented engineer, student of Isaac Newton. In the basement of the Sukharev tower he had built his office, where he studied alchemy and astrology. There supposedly was hidden in the famous “Black Book”, written by the Prince of Darkness. In the upper tier of the tower Bruce have arranged the observatory, where the night produced “iron birds with human heads, and besides, the magician, it is rumored, was not averse to turning the raven, flying over Moscow. In 1934 it was decided to demolish the Sukharev Tower, but it did not explode, and pulled down brick by brick in search of a mysterious manuscript. So nothing was found.

The most scary ghost Petrograd assumed Sophia Perovskaya. Every year in March, on a steep bridge Catherine Canal appears a young woman with blue from suffocation face flushed after the rope around his neck and a white handkerchief in his hand, which she gave signals of suicide bombers.

In Moscow by the ghosts of women with handkerchiefs also go. In contrast to St. Petersburg “blue stockings”, their transparent bodies belong to a pretty milliner. One day buzz, the mistress of a famous entrepreneur and patron Savva Morozov was traveling in a carriage on Kuznetsky, when she heard the cry of the newsboy: “Savva Morozov, committed suicide in Nice!” Joujou jumped out to buy a newspaper, and immediately landed under the wheels of a passing by the coach. Soon, the gateway to Kuznetsky found the corpse of a seller of newspapers, strangled woman’s stocking.

From imperishable beauties in St. Petersburg is also possible to meet face to face. The white lady in the gold shoes at night balls in the Mikhailovsky Palace (now Engineers). From the halls could hear the sounds of merry feasts and laughter. In the same castle ghost of the unfortunate Emperor Paul I sometimes play the flageolet – ancient musical instrument resembling a flute. Museum guards are often seen in the corridors of a ghost with a candle in his hand and a white scarf around his neck. Historians believe that the conspirators were strangled Emperor White scarf in the bedroom of the Mikhailovsky Castle.

If the shadow of the past “Northern Palmira” generated by its gloomy imperial majesty, then Moscow to populate the spirits of the Stalinist era. From the Garden Ring to the house where he lived before Beria (now there Embassy of Tunisia), hear the sound of approaching cars. From it comes a man and was talking with the ghost of a security guard. Then the car leaves. They say that the girl, which happened at this time around, in no case can accept the invitation charming middle-aged man “ride on the night Moscow.

Another case involved the daughter of commander. After the arrest of parents arrived at night and after it. She beautifully shot. Then the leaders of the NKVD ordered tight score all entries and exits from the apartment, turn off her water and light. No one dared even to come close to the apartment, whence the groans doomed to a terrible death from starvation. Her ghost appears at night on the waterfront next to the Theater.

In conclusion, remember the ghosts that are in his past life were not human beings. In the capital, they turned around animals. The Phantom of the cat, with which Bulgakov wrote Behemoth, appears twice a month, on the odd numbers on odd side of Tverskaya and a huge fat black cat. It appears from the wall of one building and goes to the wall of another. Incidentally, this is the only one of Moscow’s phantoms, buried in an international directory of ghosts. Meeting with the cat says ambulance luck and success.

In an enlightened second capital of Russia – are artifacts. On the monument to Peter, we have already mentioned. One of the most famous ghosts can be found at the Narva Gate in St. Petersburg. At their feet are sculptures of Russian soldiers, and the gate is decorated with bas-relief of human figures. At midnight, when he saw walking past the man, a ghost hands up, whether welcoming townspeople, whether cursing.

At Trinity Square, the palace is a museum Kshesinskaia political history of Russia (previously – Museum of the Great October Socialist Revolution). Today it is a popular exhibit – the museum wax people. Eyewitnesses claim that one right in the middle of the day the doors of the palace ran a strange man in glasses and a leather jacket, with a huge wooden holster pistol on his side. It is terrible cursing, he threw into the ballot box a piece of paper and started running down the street Kuibyshev. Extracted from waste proved to note the order of the execution of counterrevolutionaries signed by the chairman of the Petrograd Cheka Moses Uritsky. Needless to say, because this city – the cradle of three revolutions.

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