People become batteries

Oil and metals on earth ever run out. Another thing – bioorganizmy. They are ready to replicate, and thus – in fact, immortal. There are plenty of plans for the Exploration of alternative sources of energy based on biotechnology. It turned out that energy can be produced from plant waste and … living creatures!

For example, experts from the American Organization for Agricultural Research, headed by Dr. Charles Lee came up with to use as biofuel … mushrooms! Rather, shiitake mushroom tree, which grows in South-East Asia. Shiitake are consumed as a delicacy. He has the ability to produce enzymes that can quickly degrade the wood and derive nutrients. Scientists decided to modify the gene responsible for producing this enzyme. If he is able to decompose not only the tree, but also various biological waste, then based on it can be produce ethanol, which serves as fuel.

Researchers from Ohio State University have found a way to use for fuel eggshells. It is known that part of it is mostly calcium carbonate. When heated it turns into calcium oxide, capable of absorbing carbon dioxide.

A German farmer Christian Koch invented the apparatus, which are loaded any biological waste, including even the weeds from the garden. The contents of the tank are heated to a temperature of 300 degrees, so that the mixture starts to produce hydrocarbons. With the help of a catalyst enterprising German converts them into diesel fuel, which is successfully used as fuel for their cars.

Conducted experiments on the processing of the energy normal household waste. This is possible because of the change of the process of technology waste management. Graded him an organic part of the waste is passed through a custom install to get the compost, which is then used for garden work. As for inorganic waste, they are subjected to combustion in thermal converter using pyrolysis.

The idea of burning garbage is not new. The first incinerator appeared in the Nottingham (England) in 1874. Then followed their example and cities of America – Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Soon, however, authorities realized that this method is too similar gains, and also spoils the surrounding air. What to say about the modern plastics, the combustion is released into the atmosphere chemicals are extremely harmful for the body!

In the pyrolysis of solids are burned without oxygen at temperatures from 400o to 700o C. At the initial stage of pyrolysis can be obtained soot for the rubber industry, and in almost complete combustion of all carbon contained in the debris, transferred to a gaseous state. This gas can be used for energy. It is possible that in the very near future there will be stand-alone power generators connected to the bins. Slag is left after burning, buried in special landfills, equipped in accordance with the standards of environmental safety.

The company recently MagCap Engineering from Massachusetts, in collaboration with the inventor Gordon Wadley from Illinois began an experiment on electricity from trees. Wadley has developed a design consisting of stuck in a tree with metal rods and electric circuits, filter current and voltage. Produces electricity enough to charge, for example, battery cell phone. The source of it is directly a tree, and if it is without leaves, the voltage increases. However, so far obtained in this way the charge of electric current is very weak. But it may be worth only slightly improved generator to build an alternative power grid…

Japanese scientists have gone further. They have invented a device that can generate electricity from … human blood! The energy source will serve as the feedings. However, the power of “man-battery does not exceed 100 watts. Theoretically, with the new discovery will be to implant into the body a light bulb to illuminate the road in dark places, or any electronic sensor.

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