If you believe the legends and epics of Indian peoples payute who lives in North America, on the territory of the State of California in the United States, in ancient times lived fairly advanced civilization called HAV-MUSUVS (Hav-Musuvs). They say that the development of this civilization reached such a level that the representatives of Hav-Musuvs… Read more HAV-MUSUVS


Faros sky lighthouse – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built in a bay of the city of Alexandria, on the island of Pharos during the time of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy I apply. In 332 BC Alexander of Macedon conquered Egypt, and immediately there was a need for new capital of the… Read more FAROS SKY BEACON

Gorge death

The gorge of death – the so-called anomalous area, which is located in one of China’s provinces – Jilin. It is believed that it is located on the north-east of the country in Ganfanpenskom area, more precisely, in Chimbayckix Mountains. For local people this valley symbolizes fear and horror. Only one thought of it makes… Read more Gorge death

Sea Devil

Devil’s Sea – is another mystery of our planet. Geopathogenic zone, located in the sea off the coast of Japan. The exact location of the sea devil, scientists are still arguing. Some of them claim that the devil is in the sea 70 miles off the east coast. Others believe that this anomalous zone is… Read more Sea Devil

Grave Devil

One of the anomalous places of our planet, located in the Tien Shan. Kyrgyz tract Shaytan-Mazap (translated as the grave of the devil) Legendary fact that in 1991, here, allegedly crashed one of the unidentified flying objects. By the end of the matter was investigated, and it is still the mass of riddles and questions.… Read more Grave Devil

By the Earth fly thousands of dangerous asteroids

About seven thousand space objects are threatening the security of the planet Earth. This conclusion was reached by scientists-astronomers. According to them, the greatest threat to all living things is gektometrovye asteroids. Their experts have counted 86.9% of all potentially hazardous objects. According to the Institute of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences, gektometrovye asteroids… Read more By the Earth fly thousands of dangerous asteroids