On Mars and the Moon discovered the catacombs

Participants of the training project Mars Student Imaging Program showed vigilance. And they found on the surface of Mars, a strange hole. It is located on the slope of the volcano Pavonis Mons near Mars’ equator.

California middle school seventh graders (7th-grade science class at Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, Calif.) Viewed photographs sent recently camera THEMIS NASA probe Mars Odyssey. And drew attention to the hole. According to approximate data, its diameter is about 170 meters. Depth – not less than 100 meters. The current hole has expanded the number of such objects. They come across a few years. And were first discovered on images taken in 2007. Then managed to see just seven holes. Next, in the field of view of scientists got a hole diameter of about 100 meters. She saw one of the photographs made by the camera high-resolution HiRISE, which is installed at the station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. From the height of 252 kilometers camera captured the vast plateau in the Arsia Mons. They gaped at the surface of an absolutely black, as if drawn with ink, stain, and which plunged experts puzzled. At first they did not understand what it is. Walls have holes could be seen. It seemed that she did bottomless. Some even speculated that the hole leads into the world of Martian caves. Suspicion of its existence, by the way, appeared a little earlier – in early 2007, when another Martian station Mars Odyssey photographed those seven holes in the same area. Only a new snapshot of the mysterious places slightly clarified the situation. Camera shot a hole slightly different angle and with different lighting. And I could see the wall. It seems, after all, experts believe that the hole has been done in a kind of crust. And it, in turn, formed of volcanic lava.

“Lava tubes” – sub-surface channels moving lava – is found on Earth. Image of a stream of molten rock that solidifies on top. The bulk of the lava, while continuing to move and reserves the empty space. A kind of tunnel. DNA in the Martian analogue see and failed. That left the hope for “cave” the origin of the hole. At the cave, and seriously expect future colonists, as the ideal location for Martian bases.

At that time

And the moon is the underground hole on the moon seen in the pictures sent by the Japanese Kaguya probe. As reported by Junichi Hariyama of Japan’s space agency, a hole “appeared” on several images of the lunar surface. Experts estimate its diameter at 65 meters, depth – 80 meters high. But I believe that progress is visible to a much wider tunnel – about 370 meters in width. The serious scientists, of course, reject the idea, so kindly UFO – if something on the moon there are underground shelters, once, long ago built the newcomers. They believe the natural formation of a hole. They say that something was collapsed as a result moonquake or was punched meteorite. A tunnel, or tunnels paved volcanic lava. As on Mars. Maybe she has created in the depths of the moon and large halls. But the idea that the lunar catacombs can serve as a refuge, the researchers did not reject. Although mean they are not aliens and earthlings – the future colonists. After all layers of rock, located on top of tunnels and Halls could well protected from radiation and temperature fluctuations. In the near future Americans going to focus on the hole a probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), to obtain images of higher resolution (10 times sharper), and specify the parameters “manhole.” A further aim – to try to understand whether you can get there.

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