Mystery Foggy Albion

26 Jun

Mystery, Foggy ,AlbionWithout a doubt, looking at this picture, we can understand for once and for all, why Britain is foggy Albion.

This photo is from a small town Hedkliff, located in the south. The banks there surprisingly white. like a fairy tale .. Albion – is a Celtic word which means white.

A fog that curls (straight goose bumps from this show), just fascinating. Surprising fact that the fog in England as much as other parts of northern Europe.. They just sung in many sources, but so amazingly beautiful and romantic.. Hence the conclusions that Britain – a country unsurpassed eternal mists.

But in any area where there is moisture, fog and relatively regular occasion.

Let’s take – Northeast Russia. Tumanov, then a huge number, though that’s white chalk cliffs no. But there is a huge number of pure fairy forest lakes, which in the summer the water is heated strongly enough because of its dark color.

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