Miraculous canopy of Ukraine

13 Jun

The miraculous icon of going to heal, to alleviate the distress of sin, to thank, to repent, ask for protection for a good cause. Of these icons, it happens, stands aromatic oily liquid. It emerges in the form of dew inside the image. But oil is derived from places of worship in different religions, it is inherent and shamanism, and magic. Idols can also irrigate with oil. The difference – in relation to such phenomena. Scholars note that the miraculous icon – a sign that the sky is always with us. When she stream myrrh, a sign of God’s love. The miraculous icon – this is still not a hospital or a telephone hotline. This is a reminder that people can be on the sky and the tireless work spiritually. Otherwise, what’s the difference between the holy way, and idol, was asked to “solve the problem? It is noticed that the miraculous manifestations of intensified during theomachy and frustration. So it was in 1 9 2 0 – 3 0 – x, in the 1990’s.. 2004th. Especially in Ukraine. No wonder the specialized committees to study the ROC miraculous events have created it in November of 2004, when the news of massive manifestations of miracles began to arrive from Kiev. Cross in the Square on November 26, zakrovotochil. A 28-second going to order the use of troops for the demolition of the tent camp..

Petro Yushchenko, who has over 15 years collecting the icon of the Virgin Mary from all over the world, noted that in Ukraine such – most of all. Since then, along with assistants explores the spiritual literature and evidence from places ads. Gradually, folded up the map of places where she was the Virgin Mary. Professional icon painters from different areas of written copies of the icons. Currently, the collection of Peter A. – More than 800 icons from around the world, from Panama and Colombia – in South Korea. No wonder the Virgin Mary, considered the Mother of all peoples. From Ukraine in the collection – over 200 icons, which are stored in temples, which belong to different faiths? But the acquisition of all the people, and to each of them should be freely available. “I did not use the term to this – denomination. This is not from God, it is a secular concept of “- a dedicated head of the organization” For Local Ukraine. “This is confirmed by the recently published book, which collected more than 100 images of the Virgin and the historical background on them.

“Anne, sister of the Byzantine brothers Basil and Constantine, brought with it one of the greatest icons of Luke, which was later called the Virgin Vishgorod, for its location. She then picked up in Moscow, Andrei Bogolyubskii “- says Peter said. The name of Vladimir and related Korsunskaya icon – from the Chersonese. She stood in Vydubychi monastery in Kiev. When burned the monastery, the icon was thrown into the waters of the Dnieper, and it went against the flow.. in Belarus – are now a famous icon of Our Lady of Minsk. In 1046 Anna, daughter of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh, which took a wife, our Prince Vsevolod, also brought with her to Russia, Ukraine, the image of the Virgin Odigitrii. In 1097 his son Vsevolod, and Anna Monomakh, prince of Smolensk, moved there and my mother’s image. Since then, the icon is called Smolensk Hodegetria.

Ancient Belzhskaya icon now in Poland. This icon of the Byzantine emperor Basil II blessed sister Anne to marry a great Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. In Kiev, the shrine was a generic icon of the princess; she blessed the daughters of the princely dynasty. This icon got to Belz, and then – in Lviv. One of the copies of the icon, written in Kyiv region in 1765, is in the National Art Museum of Ukraine. But the original still in the 1382nd took in Poland and placed in the church at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa. The Poles believe that the Representation of Our Lady, celebrated in the form of Czestochowa, more than once saved the country. Polish King Jan Kazimierz in the manifest instructed their State Representation of Our Lady, respectfully referring to the image of “Queen of Poland. The plans to create Peter film about the Ukrainian icons, who left the land of Ukraine.

The most popular way to spheres of Ukraine remains oranta in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. This image is referred to as “immutable wall,” because the faithful can always rely on spiritual strength, which he represents. At one time Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise had given custody of the Virgin all his people and country. We hope that some of today’s rulers will call Heavenly Advocate again becomes a leading dawn for Ukrainian-Christians.

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