Grand miracle of light, Singapore sewing.

27 Jun

On June 26, Singapore will be a grand opening presentation in honor of the opening of the hotel-resort complex Marina Bay Sands.

Three 55-meter high towers called the new wonder of the world. These towers topped with three-deck ship named “Sky Park” with total area of 12,400 sq.m.

On the upper deck of the ship, at an altitude of 200 meters, is a giant 150-meter swimming pool with a waterfall – the world’s great outdoor swimming pool, and there are restaurants, bars, a museum of modern art. Seen from afar, have the illusion that a huge ship towering above the waves at high altitude.

Inside the “Singapore miracle” is the 5-star hotel with 2,570 rooms, exhibition halls, a restaurant, a large number of fashion boutiques, theater rooms, a spa and one of the most luxurious casinos in the world for 500 gaming tables and 1700 machines.

Moreover, there runs a channel filled with water – carried analogy Venetian canals..

This channel slowly defiles the nacelle, and above it built footbridges. Built near the mega retail and office space and a beautiful relief roofs.

This miracle set of investors have spent eight billion dollars. To celebrate the opening of Marina Bay Sands on his skyscrapers, it was decided to hold the World Cup climbing the facades of these buildings.

And here you will be able to buy xbox 360 jasper in Moscow , also a kind of miracle of technology, the latest version of the game console

from Microsoft, which has been developed together with

with ATI, IBM and SiS .. Until then came progress, sometimes just amazing how rapidly evolving and are embodied in the reality of the latest technologies.

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