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07 Jun

oldest, drawingIn northern Australia, Arnhem Land plateau, found rock drawings made of reddish ocher. It depicts two geniornisov (genyornis). These large birds have died, according to biologists, another 40 thousand years ago.

– This finding suggests either that this species existed much longer than previously thought, a portrait of the birds to recognize one of the oldest in the history of mankind, – explained the value of the findings of an expert on rock art, co-founder of the Australian Association for the Study of rock art (AURA), Ben Gunn . – Figure hardly been redrawn, and that, judging by the detail of the image, the artist knew how to look like a bird, and not guided by the stories and imagination.
Above: The painting on a distant rock made with red ocher. Below: reconstruction

Especially for the “identification” geniornisa was invited expert paleontologist, who confirmed the speculation, said membrane.

In addition to the birds of the giant mural on the easily recognizable, and other animals, extinct in the range from 3 to 18 thousand years ago – a Tasmanian tiger, the giant echidna and kangaroo and marsupial tapir.

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