Fighter’s mammoths accused of global cooling

01 Jun

global, coolingScientists have suggested that the destruction of the mammoth ancient people led to the sudden climate change. Their ideas, scientists have put an article in the journal Nature Geosciences. Short content of the work leads New Scientist.

Mammoths appeared on Earth in the Pliocene, about 4.5 million years ago and became extinct approximately 8-13 thousand years ago. Almost all the experts agree if the precondition of extinction these animals were people who hunted mammoths for wool, meat and tusks.

According to the calculations of authors coated wool relatives of elephants annually released into the atmosphere about 9.6 megatons of methane – a strong greenhouse gas. Analysis of the glaciers showed that during the alleged disappearance of mammoths concentration of this gas in the atmosphere dropped from 700 ppb to 500 ppb. Reducing methane caused a decrease in average temperatures on Earth.

Hypotheses on the major impact of animals produce methane, the climate is rather prevalent. For example, some specialists are actively exploring the implications of emissions of methane by livestock, especially cows. To work on this task even created artificial cow. Part of Australian scientists, for example, suggested that residents of this country to move to the regular use of kangaroo meat, because they strongly proliferated in recent years and their impact on Earth’s temperature can be quite noticeable.

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