Doctors examined his deathbed visions

03 Jun

American experts have explained the nature of visions before death. George Washington (George Washington University medical center, the U.S., think that the dying vision, like the experiment floating over his body, from time to time visit the man in a coma caused by a wave of electrical activity in the brain when the brain lacks oxygen.
The researchers used for observations for terminally ill people device, which measures the electric activity of the brain.
As the oxygen level in blood drops and blood flow slows down, brain cells produce Last electric pulse. This process begins in one part of the brain and the cascade extends beyond that and can cause sensory sensation in humans.
Many patients who have been in a coma, they say that could see his body from a height, or were covered by light, or moving through a tunnel towards a bright spot at its end. Some also claimed that they saw the figure of God. According to biological explanation for these facts is much more likely than metaphysical.
Commentators say that has not presented any evidence that the surge of electrical activity associated with death-vision, for all seven patients died and did not tell.
Not all American physician colleagues share his opinion. This study is interesting, however, relate to such conclusions should be cautious. No serious evidence that it causes the electrical activity of the dying experience, no, – said Sam Guys from Cornell Medical Center, New York, which also deals with similar issues. Death a process that clearly explains that modern medicine still can not “- he said.
It is not the first time, doctors are trying to give an explanation of deathbed visions. Researchers at the University of Maribor in Slovenia came to the conclusion that their cause carbon dioxide, which is contained in the blood. A U.S. scientist Andrew Newberg suggested that people begin to see light from behind off the retina.

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