Discovered element 114

element An international team of physicists has registered in the experiment 13 atoms ununkvadiya – an element with 114 protons in the nucleus.

The first news of the opening ununkvadiya appeared in 1999: its founders were members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Last year a group of experts from the National Laboratory. Lawrence Berkeley (USA), led by Nietzsche Heino (Heino Nitsche) and Ken Gregorich (Ken Gregorich), confirmed this result, having two atoms of the desired element.

The new experiment was conducted at the Center for the study of heavy ions. Helmholtz (Germany). A beam of ions of calcium, containing 20 protons, directed at the foil-covered plutonium, atomic number of which equals 94. The experience lasted for about four weeks, during which scientists were able to record two isotopes ununkvadiya (288Uuq and 289Uuq), the majority of the atoms decay within a few tenths of a second, but one lasted a whole 3.6.

Data presented are already being addressed by specialists of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and soon ununkvady likely to be recognized officially. Chemical properties of a new element now, however, not been established: There are suggestions that it should resemble lead or noble gases.

Recall: in February of this year, its official name has received 112 first element – kopernitsy.

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