California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.

29 Jun

Mono Lake – a unique lake, which feeds streams from melting glacier. Water that enters into it, has only a single solution – the evaporation process, built up the highest concentration of mineral salts in its composition, which is almost 3 times more salty and 85 times more alkaline than sea water.
City of Los Angeles is located 300 miles from Mono Lake, but this fact does not prevent developing giant metropolis pace to intervene actively in the shape and destiny of one of the oldest lakes on the planet. In 60 of the last century, the citizens of Los Angeles began its needs for the four tributaries of the lake. Water drainage and farmers to irrigate their fields.
As a result, a wonderful lake home shoal just devastating pace. The volume of water decreased by 30 percent, the level of mirror-like surface decreased by 12 meters, and the salt concentration increased significantly. It is, accordingly, led to the extinction of several species of rare plants, birds and fish. At the edge of the water surface appeared saline line about 110 meters wide.
Here at the time and got out of the water content of weird, hiding under the water surface – a mystical form of natural formations – Gothic castles and the ruins of destroyed many centuries ago cities, strange prehistoric creatures, huge mushrooms, and develop creative imagination there may arbitrarily.
In the daytime, they are gray in color and composition is of the form of a porous pumice, and at sunset gold and rozoveyut, and give proper lake completely fantastic.
The water level in Mono Lake steadily decreased to October 1995, that is, until such time as the California State Department of Water Management has not been issued a decree on the protection of the most beautiful lake in the world. Thanks to the intense action, environmental catastrophe and the loss of the lake itself was not only preventable, but also laid back, bringing the level of the water surface since that time has already raised four meters.
Scientists believe that the lake will return to its original boundaries only after 60 years some sort. This means that its prehistoric structures re-cover the water surface. With this process the water will go away and disappear for ever surrealist museum pieces that are created by nature itself.

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