Wandering graves

Wandering, gravesThe autumn of 1928 Sir Arthur Hezlem was in passing in a small Scottish town Glenisvill. At the local cemetery almost 70 years ago, was buried in his grandfather’s brother, Sir Roger Hazel. In his youth, Roger started a quarrel with his father, fell into disgrace, was disinherited and expelled from the house. The young firebrand very long time wandering around the world until he found reassurance in poverty and freedom in the local glensvillskom cemetery. Over time Heyzlemov has become a tradition to visit his grave, and the last time, Sir Arthur was here no less than five years ago. However, he retained the memory location of the tomb of Roger, he remembered, and the adjacent tombstone with carved in granite angel.
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People become batteries

Oil and metals on earth ever run out. Another thing – bioorganizmy. They are ready to replicate, and thus – in fact, immortal. There are plenty of plans for the Exploration of alternative sources of energy based on biotechnology. It turned out that energy can be produced from plant waste and … living creatures!

For example, experts from the American Organization for Agricultural Research, headed by Dr. Charles Lee came up with to use as biofuel … mushrooms! Rather, shiitake mushroom tree, which grows in South-East Asia. Shiitake are consumed as a delicacy. He has the ability to produce enzymes that can quickly degrade the wood and derive nutrients. Scientists decided to modify the gene responsible for producing this enzyme. If he is able to decompose not only the tree, but also various biological waste, then based on it can be produce ethanol, which serves as fuel.
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The ghosts of two capitals

“The real horror is like a ghostly memory of the horrors of a distant past. A man who believes in ghosts and imagines the night before a ghost must feel terrible in all its endless nightmarish monstrosity “- wrote in his novel” Fear “by Guy de Maupassant. Ghosts and apparitions, as we well know from the literature, found in most cemeteries, ancient castles and monasteries. Traditional stories about ghosts are written in the European tradition.

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Mars was “an underwater kingdom”

underwater, kingdomAbout 4 billion years ago, almost the entire surface of Mars has been hidden under water. This conclusion was reached by scientists from France and the United States, finding hydrated silicates in the craters of the northern hemisphere of the planet.

One such site – Crater Lyot, located in the northern hemisphere, the red planet, contains a lot of water reservoirs. In the southern hemisphere of Mars betray the presence of water minerals (eg, phyllosilicates) were found even earlier. To investigate the opposite side of the planet more complicated, since traces of the liquid is buried under a thick layer of lava and sedimentary rocks.
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The medicine of old age

ageIn Novosibirsk, SB RAS academicians have found microorganisms, prolonging human life by 35-40 years.

The first experiments have extended the life of experimental mice.

Tests of the bacteria, due to which people will be able to live up to 100-140 years old, held in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok in the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, SB RAS.

A unique drug for age identified from the rock, which was found on Mamontova Mountain in Yakutia. The age of rocks, situated in the permafrost zone, has more than a million years. Manages major research Ph.D. Vladimir Repin.
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Results genes fins

finsScientists have found two genes that play an important role in the formation of fins.

In the fish identified two unique genes that could play a major role in the evolution of fins into limbs.

Removal of genes from the zebra danio embryos led to the loss aktinotrihii – horny filaments in fins, though protoplavniki turned into a kind of simple processes that paleontologists have found fossil, moving along the evolutionary path of quadruped animals.

In the early stages of embryonic development fins and limbs look equally daunting. In the future, but for future fish begin to form horny filaments, which become the basis for the fin rays. Employees of the University of Ottawa (Canada) Jing Zhang, and Marie-Andre Akimenko drew attention to the fact that genes aktinodin-1 and 2 are particularly active during the development of fins. Thus was obtained the key to the allocation of previously unknown proteins that bind to collagen Continue reading “Results genes fins”

California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.

Mono Lake – a unique lake, which feeds streams from melting glacier. Water that enters into it, has only a single solution – the evaporation process, built up the highest concentration of mineral salts in its composition, which is almost 3 times more salty and 85 times more alkaline than sea water.
City of Los Angeles is located 300 miles from Mono Lake, but this fact does not prevent developing giant metropolis pace to intervene actively in the shape and destiny of one of the oldest lakes on the planet. In 60 of the last century, the citizens of Los Angeles began its needs for the four tributaries of the lake. Water drainage and farmers to irrigate their fields. Continue reading “California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.”

The beautiful wisteria in the Italian gardens Bardini

beautiful, wisteriaToday, the column temperature in the shade set another record 40 degrees. In the sun 48. Entrenched inside the house and poke his nose out fear. Absolutely no desire does not arise out of this hell. The house is cool and comfortable and still 24. )

This end of June downright fabulous. But you can deeply feel all the charm of the Indian heat. And to go to an expensive trip for this is not necessary. As the saying goes, better to you to us. It did not work I have to visit India in the spring of last year, as India itself came to me with all her charms, including exotic unbearable heat.
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On Mars and the Moon discovered the catacombs

Participants of the training project Mars Student Imaging Program showed vigilance. And they found on the surface of Mars, a strange hole. It is located on the slope of the volcano Pavonis Mons near Mars’ equator.

California middle school seventh graders (7th-grade science class at Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, Calif.) Viewed photographs sent recently camera THEMIS NASA probe Mars Odyssey. And drew attention to the hole. According to approximate data, its diameter is about 170 meters. Depth – not less than 100 meters. The current hole has expanded the number of such objects. They come across a few years. And were first discovered on images taken in 2007. Then managed to see just seven holes. Continue reading “On Mars and the Moon discovered the catacombs”

Discovered element 114

element An international team of physicists has registered in the experiment 13 atoms ununkvadiya – an element with 114 protons in the nucleus.

The first news of the opening ununkvadiya appeared in 1999: its founders were members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Last year a group of experts from the National Laboratory. Lawrence Berkeley (USA), led by Nietzsche Heino (Heino Nitsche) and Ken Gregorich (Ken Gregorich), confirmed this result, having two atoms of the desired element.
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