Wandering graves

The autumn of 1928 Sir Arthur Hezlem was in passing in a small Scottish town Glenisvill. At the local cemetery almost 70 years ago, was buried in his grandfather’s brother, Sir Roger Hazel. In his youth, Roger started a quarrel with his father, fell into disgrace, was disinherited and expelled from the house. The young… Read more Wandering graves

The medicine of old age

In Novosibirsk, SB RAS academicians have found microorganisms, prolonging human life by 35-40 years. The first experiments have extended the life of experimental mice. Tests of the bacteria, due to which people will be able to live up to 100-140 years old, held in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok in the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine,… Read more The medicine of old age

Results genes fins

Scientists have found two genes that play an important role in the formation of fins. In the fish identified two unique genes that could play a major role in the evolution of fins into limbs. Removal of genes from the zebra danio embryos led to the loss aktinotrihii – horny filaments in fins, though protoplavniki… Read more Results genes fins

On Mars and the Moon discovered the catacombs

Participants of the training project Mars Student Imaging Program showed vigilance. And they found on the surface of Mars, a strange hole. It is located on the slope of the volcano Pavonis Mons near Mars’ equator. California middle school seventh graders (7th-grade science class at Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, Calif.) Viewed photographs sent recently… Read more On Mars and the Moon discovered the catacombs

Discovered element 114

An international team of physicists has registered in the experiment 13 atoms ununkvadiya – an element with 114 protons in the nucleus. The first news of the opening ununkvadiya appeared in 1999: its founders were members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Last year a group of experts from the National Laboratory.… Read more Discovered element 114