Under the Sphinx looking for something

19 May

In Giza, near, and, presumably, just before the Great Sphinx place of work, details of which can be utaeny of the population. The information provided, together with photographs, was presented by Dr. Brooks Agnew (Brooks Agnew, PhD) – explorer, with a reputation in similar matters.

It is noteworthy that as a channel for the dissemination of this information he chose his profile in the social network Face book. The following messages were posted on the “wall” on his page:

“This [excavation] occurs under the right paw sphinx. This also occurs in the 100-150 meters from the Sphinx. The depth is about 100 ft. [30.48 m], if we assume from the lower fourth floor to the top. The first two times, when the Bill Brown dropped back ground penetrating radar, equipment burned. Still, he managed to make some shots premises. The Egyptians are volitional penetrate Hall.

«ARE publishes disinformation about the excavation. They tell the public that nothing happens. Their sources are lying to them. The event, organized by Red Bull, in any case can not be part of these excavations. They earn millions of dollars by selling antiquities. If there is some sort of technology that could represent hundreds of millions of dollars. The reputation of the nation (albeit young), is under threat, “” The Egyptians never built Giza. Now it is, at most probably.

Comments to the first image (top down):

1) from the excavation to the heavy carriers!
2) the coffin to the bucket loader
3) around 2.00 am. The Giza Plateau. April 28, 2010
4) cap continues to rise!

Comments to (top down):

1) The statue or sarcophagus?
2) In the process of loading before the disappearance!
3) loader
4) cab
5) The transporter / carrier
6) is much more [goods] were loaded and stolen
7) around 2.00 am. Giza Plateau. April 28, 2010
8) (Note: footage from the full movie),

* It should be noted that after much “work” has already been done ostensibly under the sponsorship of the company Red Bull, they’re celebrating some event related to the X-Games. One can only assume that this information is intended to divert the attention of tourists, local residents and reporters from the given location.

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