UFO crash in Africa

29 May

Almost 21 years has passed since the disaster UFOs in South Africa – the event in its value exceeding a similar incident in Roswell, because here in Africa, alien pilots had been found alive.

The hunt for UFOs

For newcomers all the time their “captivity” was conducted video surveillance. The total footage exceeds 700 hours. According to information received from one of the engineers of NASA, there is a hour and a half documentary film about them. His 25-minute piece was shown at the New York staff of organizations associated with aeronautics and space flight, and the spectators were warned not to disclose the information received.

On the incident in South Africa we have much more information than about the Roswell UFO case. Mode secrecy was observed here, but one of the South African Air Force officers, realizing the value of information and aware that hiding it is unacceptable and an act of treason against all mankind, revealed the secret of the catastrophe. As a result, in 1989, wrote about it in newspapers throughout the world.

Chronology of events is as follows. May 7, 1989 in 13 hours 45 minutes GMT frigate of the Navy. United States, who was in the Atlantic, on the radio headquarters of the Navy in Cape Town reported an unidentified flying object heading towards the African continent. In 13 hours, 52 minutes the object entered the airspace of the Republic of South Africa. From Air Force Base “Valhalla” urgent rose into the air, two Mirages, and in 13 hours and 59 minutes, leading pilot of one of them said that he sees the object.

Command orders to open fire on him.

Shooting had its effect. The pilot reported several blinding flashes from the object, after which he began to swing heavily, continuing to move in a northerly direction. In 14 hours 02 minutes the object began to lose height and then making a turn at high speed, hit the surface of the Kalahari Desert, 80 kilometers from the border with Botswana.

Soft landing

In place of the emergency landing UFO arrived task force intelligence officers and found a crater with a diameter of 150 meters and a depth of 12 meters. The silver-colored disc-shaped steel object lying on the bottom went into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. Sand and rocks around it were fused due to strong heating.

First flown rescue helicopters, while the object at a height of 152 meters suddenly froze, then crashed down. Five crew members died. Engine trouble occurred, and a car trying to get close to the crater. It soon became clear that the blame for everything emanating from the object of an intense electromagnetic field.

Only after both the disk surface caused compound (resin), neutralizing the magnetic field, managed to bring the equipment and remove the disc from the soil.

Despite the heavy blow, the object turned out to be almost whole. On the same day he moved to the secret base of South African Air Force, and the place of incidence camouflaged with sand and boulders.

On the basis of Indoor been made a preliminary examination. The diameter of the object amounted to 18,2 meters, height – 8,64 m, weight – 50 tons. Landing gear was made.

During the inspection in the depth of the disc was a loud knock at one of the sides opened the hatch. From it emerged two humanoid creatures in the tight-fitting gray suits.

Live emitters

The room is constantly waged ideography, and this is shown in the film, was the most exciting. The newcomer, who first climbed out of the hatch, stared at the man in gas masks, and he slowly began to fall on the floor. At the same time or in the hands of strangers or their clothes had no subjects. At the same time the assumption was made (which was never again found confirmation) that the aliens probably able to exert its effects on people biofield, causing a feeling of fear and paralysis.

Only when a few hours on the base brought spacesuit capable of withstanding powerful radiation, people are able to approach strangers without harm to health.

UFO pilot was taken to the medical center. Visual inspection showed that there is a small increase (1,22-1,37 m) and externally similar to the creatures of Roswell: greenish-gray skin, large, more human, head, face protrudes; it big, without pupils, black eyes, small nose with two nostrils, small mouth, like a slot. The neck is thin. His hands – thin and long, reaching the knees. Brushes – with three bony fingers, and webbed.

Newcomers to behave non-aggressive, their movement and gait, had “superhuman” specificity, seemed sluggish. They knew when they offered to go trademarks or stand. At the medical center they allowed off with his tight clothes. Only once, when one of them stuck a needle to take blood, he has shown aggression, gave a loud squeak and alienated man.

After visiting the newcomers were returned to their “suits”.

There, in the medical center, found that one of the strangers gravely wounded. Soon the two strangers, along with their spacecraft flown to the U.S. at a secret base Wright Patterson. This information is provided by the South African officer, exhausted. On the future of the newcomers, we can judge by the short text that accompanies the film.

The fate of the second pilot

Immediately on arrival in the U.S. wounded pilot died. The film shows a small, about 3 minutes, a fragment of procedure of opening his body. Leather stranger was dense and had a porous structure similar to the honeycomb filter. With a cut out of it emerged a greenish slime. Local authorities did not have anything in common with human organs. Not detected no liver or kidney, or stomach, but the organism was a lot of mucus and arteries. In the accompanying text says that being investigated by its nature appears to be closer to the plant world, than to the animal.

This is indirectly confirmed by observations of the surviving pilot. He did not take any food, moved slowly, his gait was becoming harder. A month later, to him it was possible to approach without a suit – apparently depleted inner resources did not allow him to have an impact on people. While he may have simply not see the need.

With him trying to get in touch. They showed the spacecraft earthlings, UFO images, but it is nowhere expressed interest. Psychologists have worked with him, trying to somehow “stir.” All was useless.

On the Structure of extraterrestrial spacecraft in the film, nothing was reported, was only told that his equipment is fully disabled. When the stranger was allowed to enter into it, he immediately went to the installation, responsible, presumably for lighting. His attempts to run it or to have failed.

At the same time has been surmised that the light is the foundation of his power. This is indirectly confirmed by the large amount of substance in his body, similar to the chlorophyll. Perhaps alien organism transforms light energy through photosynthesis. Earth’s Sun he obviously would not do. It did not produce the light that was required for its life. Much better than the stranger felt the light of fluorescent lamps. After a long while under them, he brightened up somewhat. Yet it was evident that this light – not that he needs. Needed light before the accident was on the ship, allowing pilots to carry out deep space flights, but now the light installation is not functioned, and this is a serious problem and for the stranger, and for the people.

I slept a stranger with his eyes open. He preferred to do it in the light, knees to the head. After hours of lying down he was going to roam the premises open to him. At the movies with landscapes of the Earth and other planets did not respond, but turned around at the people, if they came out to meet him. But to them never showed real interest. Judging by the final titles, this stranger died in September 1989.

Shown a film made on the audience shocking. It was impossible to believe that it is a fake. After all, if it is a fake, then why needed to show its scientific audience, requiring non-disclosure?

Now we have to wait for the movie in a mass demonstration. In these times of such secrets to conceal difficult, “leak” must happen sooner or later. And then the U.S. military will surely be asked, and on these newcomers, and about many other things, still hiding in their secret bases and relevant to the most pressing mystery of our time – an unidentified flying object.

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